About Me

Learn more about Tiffini Truth’s transition from being a model to helping women with their virtual style transformation

An exquisite woman, comfortably seated on a lavish couch, engrossed in her laptop, radiates an aura of opulence and poise

Tiffini Truth is a fashion stylist/model who styled her first look for school at age 5. The rest is a long road of history in and out of the fashion industry. Born in Toronto Tiffini was raised between the USA, NYC, Trinidad, and Canada before the age of 8 years old. Moving a lot exposed her to different cultures/styles. After living internationally she spent her teenage years on a Quarter Horse Ranch in Southern Alberta. It was while living in relative isolation on the Ranch where Tiffini began painting, drawing, hand sewing clothing, and playing music. This passion for creative expression led her into the Entertainment Industry being discovered as a model at age 23 via her Myspace profile. She then began working with celebrities/brands as an international fashion model.

fashion model poses in front of a gold pyrotechnic back drop
Los Angeles Performance Art Show Poster 2010

She was published in various publications such as Inked, Urban Ink, Hot Rod, Playboy, Skin Two, Bizarre & Metal Hammer magazine. She also walked runways for major brands in the 2000’s such as Von Dutch & Ed Hardy while also working with independent Couture Fashion designers between LA, Mexico, and NYC.

After modeling she transformed her artistic expression into a specialty performance art act in 2010. She was recognized by major media outlets for her death defying stunt work in this act. Using metal strapped to her body and power tools she composed and performed industrial music while touring internationally. This required Pyrotechnic training and Circus Training for Contortion in Vancouver, Hollywood North. After several years of performing live the threat of stunt work injuries became a reality when she almost lost her middle finger on stage headlining a tour in Atlanta, Georgia using an angle grinder in 2012. She decided to transfer her artistic expression into Abstract Visual Art and practiced this for several years curating a solo artist exhibition.

angle grinding performance artist sings while making sparks fly off of her torso in a live performance on stage
The Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver 2012

In present day Tiffini is based in Calgary, Alberta. Her goal/vision is to bring a new aesthetic to Canada through her unique understanding of fashion at large paired with her ability to create her own and support others on their personal style journey. As a child she was never able to have new clothing and was taken to thrift stores for school clothes. That thrifting mindset stayed with her into adulthood and she now often pairs true vintage mint condition thrift store finds with modern/luxury designers.

Her focus is personal fashion styling services as well as sharing weekly “how to get the look” videos. She also creates editorial style self directed/shot fashion photography combining all the things she learned as a model on set into self directed concepts that highlight fashion & aesthetics.

Follow along her style journey for weekly Fashion Blogs as well as personal style hacks/tips from her expertise in the fashion industry and beyond.

tattooed fashion model wearing an emerald green satin two piece pant suit poses on a highway surrounded by farmland