Virtual stylist showcasing one-on-one personal styling services, modeling feminine looks to exhibit fashion expertise.

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Virtual stylist showcasing one-on-one personal styling services, modeling feminine looks to exhibit fashion expertise.

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Virtual Style F.A.Q

  • What is the difference between a Fashion Stylist and a Virtual Stylist? A fashion stylist will work mostly in the retail space or directly with fashion designers/film makers/entertainers and media publications to make garments looks their best for editorial features/movies/tours. A Virtual Stylist will work with individual clients (who typically are not in the public eye) to serve their needs from a personal styling perspective. A Virtual Stylist is to help you understand what aesthetics and garments will work best for you based on your unique personality, size and lifestyle.
  • Can a normal working woman use a Virtual Stylist? Absolutely! Everyday working women have been using personal stylists since they started entering the workforce at mass in the 1950s! Back then, women would find their preferred personal stylist through shopping at their favorite department stores. They would then have the stylist (retail clerk) pick out garments on their behalf and notify them when new items came in for fittings. Now, virtual stylists offer that same customizable styling service from the comfort of your own home. With experienced virtual stylists they can see past simply what the garment looks like. They can help you identify what your own, unique, feminine style is to set you up for more success in life and boost your confidence.
  • What are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Stylist? Time! Virtual Stylists who are experienced and have honed their craft are huge time and money savers. They work within your shopping budget to save you time finding the right style of clothing that will best suit your needs for your lifestyle.
  • Why Do I Need a Virtual Stylist? Not only does the right Virtual Stylist for you save you time and money, they will also be able to give you a plethora of tips, tricks, and insights into how you dress and how to dress your best. These are teaching tools that you can use for life that are invaluable and that can only come from hiring someone with experience in this field. Virtual Stylists are skilled to be able to shine the light on aspects of your life and style that you are missing. This perspective shift helps you feel more confident in how you present yourself to the world everyday.
  • How Much Does Your One on One Virtual Guided Style Transformation Cost? My rates to see clients on a one on one basis are 4,000 CAD per Style Transformation. My personal styling rates are higher than your average stylist due to my experience level having worked in the fashion/entertainment for decades and the inner work I do with clients before we focus on aesthetic alone.

  • NOTE: I will soon be offering (Coming Summer/2024) virtual styling courses individuals can take at their own pace to get my expert style advice at more accessible rates to make their own style transformations!
  • How Long Do You Work With Clients As a Virtual Stylist? I work with each client for 30 days. A style transformation starts from day one when we’re working together. We will be coming up with a shopping budget, closet audit, identify what style(s) work best for you, elevate your day to day aesthetic, and find your unique, style signature. At the end of our 30 day Style Transformation you will get 4 Custom Curated Look Books (1 for each season) of capsule wardrobe items you can purchase to start applying your transformation into your new and improved wardrobe.
  • Why Do You Require Prospective Clients to Fill Out an Application Form? As a Virtual Stylist I like to make sure I’m able to serve my clients needs to the optimal level. The personal stylist and client relationship is very similar to a trusting friendship. This means that our personalities need to align in order for me to do my best work and therefore my clients will receive the best experience possible! My one on one consulting service is not a one size fits all approach. It’s important to vet all applicants to make sure I’m right for them to give them the best style transformation possible!