Adulting With Sailor Moon In Mexico

With Cosplay being such a popular theme I wanted to take some inspiration from the world of Anime this week. However, I wanted to make it adult. Not something I see done very often. Feminine, while being a grown up at the same time. A tiny hint of Lolita while not over sexualize one’s self. To me personally it cheapens the final product if all you see is sex and not the effort that went into the outfit. That is where a lot of Cosplay gets lost in translation for me. Dressing up like a character is one thing but what about the lost art of subtle nuance? Let’s take Cosplay and actually play with a look to make it street worthy and chic.
Every child of the 90’s remembers the Shojo Mango series Sailor Moon. This used to be one of my favorite series to watch after school. I wanted to take pieces of her look and make it my own. This was my inspiration for this weeks adult school girl look. I’m not a fan of color so I kept my palette black and white (2 of my favorite shades to work with). Instead of going with a skirt I opted for a mid length tailored dress and a suit jacket on top. Yet of course I had to use the bow (white instead of read, again..not big on color) to throw it back to her classic top.
*Remember how much she cried in every episode?
Crazy fact is that Shojo Manga dates back as far as the early 1900’s. The reasoning behind the big eye’s of the female characters is that the original creators of this genre where real doll makers. The big eye’s of the dolls had a big influence on the artist rendering of the characters. This we still see passed down today in this aesthetic of Anime.
My entire look was sourced locally here in Tijuana at street shops this week. The bow is actually from a bow shop. Here in Mexico there are tiny little boutiques that cater to school girls. The walls are covered in bows and other hair accessories but mostly bows. I’d never seen anything like that until I moved here. They take school girl styling here very seriously. I believe this is because in Mexico all children are required to wear uniforms to school. Therefore the accessories are really the only place you get to play with your own personal style.
When she wasn’t crying and overly emotional Sailor Moon actually got pretty introspective and deep for a teenage girl fighting evil. Here are some moments in the Sailor Moon series where she gets dark and my interpretation of these moments.
*I hate people
*The freaks come out at night
* The drugs don’t work anymore
I had a lot of fun with this look this week. To all the Sailor Moon fans out there just remember your never too old to relive your childhood fantasies. You can just do it now with more style. Sound off below on your favorite character from the series.
Style Breakdown
Suit Jacket – $5
Dress by Who What Wear – $5
Bow – $2
Cut Out Leather Shoes – $4
Purse – $15
Total Look Cost: $30

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