My Mexican Poncho Style

I will preface this with saying the local fashion scene here in Tijuana leaves much to be desired. Mostly because most people here don’t have good taste or personal style which works out as a win for me personally. Why? Well, if people where real purveyors of style all these killer deals I find here weekly would not be cheap and B. so easy for me to find. The kinds of garments I find here at flea markets or selling on the street goes to show how little people care about style and more so go for comfort. I personally need to always go for both. Enter…my way to dress up a Mexican style Poncho.
As much as some may do not put in effort into their personal style everyone wears fashion. Fashion is clothes. Style is personal. Like it or not. Your dressing the way you feel every day. I took inspiration today from all the tourista street shops here on Avenida Revolution and local Mexican made garments they sell here to foreigners. Usually overpriced for the quality but if you know anything about Mexico you know to barter the hell out of your prices as a foreigner.
The original Mexican Poncho below in the 1800’s in Tijuana which later turned into a Hoodie version in the late 70’s
After the 70’s then came the 90’s
I actually remember seeing these Mexican style Hoodies for the first time as a teen when I lived in a very rural town in Southern Alberta Canada going to middle school. A lot of  the cool kids in the smokers corner (an area just off school property in the parking lot people would smoke in) at breaks would be wearing them. Girls and guys alike. It was the mid-90s. Grunge ruled and so did it’s fashion. It was a total stoner culture style happening around me. Or lack there of so to speak. So, the first time I actually saw a Mexican Hoodie was not in Mexico. The town to be exact was Nanton, Alberta population 2000. I was the only “black girl” in the entire school and that was normal to me for the majority of my childhood. Which is weird to think of now but you adapt so quickly to your surroundings when it’s all you have to work with. That’s why I often tell people I’m one of the most white washed people of color I have ever met. There’s not a lot of us out there! However, there are some. So this blog is more so dedicated to those people of color or people of incredible uniqueness growing up in those small towns going through it because they don’t fit in. You will come to find that fitting in overrated and it’s way more fun to stick the fuck out.
My main objective was to find and style a Mexican hoodie to make it less about going casual and more about going funky. This one in particular was found at one of my favorite little street/garage shops here in Tijuana. The fabric popped out at me and I loved that it didn’t have a typical pattern woven into the threading. It’s got this acrylic fur vibe to it which made it really cool for me.
Then I paired it with tights, micro suede shorts, a wool woven cap and these gothic style flats. I added the lace to these shoes from Zara myself to give them more of an edge. Of course always opting for my favorite $2 shades whenever possible. Cheap sunglasses make me happy. This look was all about the layers which helped to make this a less casual (I just gave up on life) look of the moment.
Style Breakdown
Poncho – $7
Tights Target – $5
Shorts Winners – $5
Shoes Zara – $5
Velvet Hobo Bag – $3
Woven Hat – $3
Aviators Waldos – $2
Total Look Cost: $30

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