Once Upon A Time In A Mexican Shithole…

One day Tijuana will be a distant memory for me. I’ll remember how I used to walk the streets of this town feeling isolated and totally alone. I’ll remember the streets and sidewalks full of man holes that could quite possibly kill you if your not watching your every step.
The smell of feces that wafts through the air on the beach side of Playas de Tijuana. This is experienced on a daily basis due to the sewage drains not being closed/contained and spilling onto the streets. That worn old leather like skin of anyone over forty who has lived a hard life growing up in the one of the most toxic environments in the world.
There will certainly be a lot to remember about this place. A lot of negative because it’s mostly been negative living here. That’s the reality of a Mexican border city that relies on the US dollar to survive. Yet for today this is still very much my reality and not yet a distant memory. So I might as well make it pretty!
My look today is very loosely inspired by the movie “Once Upon A Time In Mexico”. Only if Selma Hayek played the lead of destroyer and justice seeker. Instead of being damsel in distress with very little to contribute physically aside form tits and ass. That would be me, loosely.
Essentially today I’m writing this blog to my future self. The one in the not to far distant future from now. My future self who made it through one of the most violent environments yet still succeeded at reaching her personal goals. I want to remind this person to never forget all the places that you came from and chose to go. You went there for a reason and you left there for a damn good one as well.
The good, the bad, the ugly it’s all been part of this ride and no matter what stage you make the ride fucking awesome. No excuses no matter where you live. Every day is an opportunity to make something out of seemingly nothing. To bring beauty to an ugly world. To stand out and stand up for what you believe in.
Total Look Cost:
Corset TJ Street Shop – $3
L.A.M.B Skirt TJ Street Shop – $5
Cowboy Boots TJ Street Shop – $5
Half Gloves Aliexpress – $3
Shades TJ Flea Market  – $3
Shawl Paris Boutique – $5
Total Look Cost: $37
About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Fashion Model and Style Blogger

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