Where To Go High & Low In Tijuana On A Budget

The last time I went out in Tijuana was back in July. You can read about what a total shit show that turned into here. Hence the reason for me not going out again since that time. It’s become normal for me that the place I currently live in I cannot socialize in. It’s safer to stay in than it is to go out at night here. Baja California is fairly safe by day but the scene here gets seedy by night. For that reason I pick and choose really carefully what I will do here past sundown (usually I just to to San Diego to get my social fix). This week we’re going to be covering:

                                             1. Tijuana’s top high end restaurant Mision 19 review
                                             2. Tijuana’s best low end fast food joint
                                             3. The importance of living within your current means

Mision 19, Zona Rio, Tijuana 10.10.2019

Let’s start with my night out at Mision 19 in the Zona Rio area of Tijuana. An Anthony Bourdain approved fine dining experience.

I went there around 6pm on a Thursday. Which was my first mistake. Hot tip. Try to stay off the highways between 4-7pm in TJ. What is normally a 15 minute Uber ride from my house in Playas De Tijuana to Downtown took me almost 40 minutes.

Upon arrival you walk into a corporate office building. I wasn’t greeted by the front desk person on the first floor, instead I had to ask him which floor the restaurant was on. He grunted a number to me I could barely hear so I had to ask him again. The man was clearly in a really foul mood and didn’t even face me the second time I asked politely what floor the restaurant was on. I really got the vibe that the front desk man did not find me a person worthy of being in this establishment. Luckily for me there was a man waiting to go up to the restaurant in front of me and I got the floor number from him instead.

Office Building Exterior
Front Lobby Entrance
Elevator to 3rd Floor

Up on the third floor I arrived at Mision 19 to a very friendly greeting and handshake by the Maitre D. Night and day difference. I was quickly seated and my waiter wasted no time in asking me if I needed anything to start with. The restaurant was almost empty with only about 3 other parties throughout. This was definitely a slow night which was perfect for a quiet fine dining experience. The decor is very minimal and basic. No frills and very dimly lit at night.


Waiters & Maitre D always wait to the side in case you need anything you can always flag them over to your table.

For my drink I got a classic extra dirty vodka Martini (Absolute $7). Honestly the best Martini I’ve had since moving to TJ. Mixed perfectly dirty not too much not too little which is hard to find here.

Mision 19 Menu

Mision 19 Drink Menu

For my meal I went with the Beef Bone Marrow ($9) with a side of tortillas. This was an interesting dish. Especially putting beef bone marrow on a tortilla shell. It was good but once it cooled off a bit the marrow turned into jelly. I suggest eating this dish moderately fast. It’s not a sit, talk and pick at it as you go type of meal.

Eat the Beef Bone Marrow before getting lost in conversation or it will turn to jelly

Followed by the Baked Oysters ($8). This dish was made for a very specific palate. It’s sour and spicy at the same time. Not personally something I would order again but for someone who has bi-polar taste buds this is great for you.
For a bi-polar palette 

All in all I really enjoyed my experience at Mision 19. It’s not a place to meet new people and definitely has a strong conservative corporate vibe. Think khaki pants and puffy vests. However, come here if you want the gold standard of service in Tijuana. I got the distinct vibe that no matter who you are the staff here will make you feel welcome which is a rarity if you look different (meaning you don’t own khakis & find puffy vests revolting) in this city. More so than the food the service is what truly stands out about this place. Great for special occasions or if you just want to treat yourself and feel taken care of for a few hours.

Here’s what I wore that night. I was heavily channeling my inner Real Housewives Of Orange County (My favorite one of the franchise, my favorite housewife is Tamra) in this custom dress found in Tijuana.

Style Breakdown:
Dress Paris Connection Creations Of Lily: (Retail $150) $5
Shoes Who What Wear TJ Street Shop: $5
Givenchy Clutch TJ Garage Sale: (Retail $500) $3
Long Jacket Studio Be Tijuana: (Retail $30) $5
Total Look Cost: $18

What would life be without a fine balance of high and low? I don’t know because I walk that line daily. Let me now share with you one of my best kept secrets of Playas De Tijuana.

Tijuana’s best fast food joint is….Jalepenos!

Paseo Ensenada 1879 A, ​​Beaches, Costa de Sol

Jalepenos is a little yellow hole in the wall on the busy street of Paseo Ensenada in Playas de Tijuana (a.k.a my hood). The owner is super friendly and also speaks English. Unlike most hole in the walls here they also accept debit/credit card. Everything aside from their buns and condiments are all made in house. You can get everything from a Hamburger to a Burrito here. When I want a cheat meal that won’t make me feel like total shit afterwards this is where I go. I love how they cut their fries from real potatoes and am especially fond of their Carne Asada Fries ($4 for a small and more than enough for 2). It’s something to behold. Easy, simple, fast, eat it at the table outside or take it home to enjoy. My advice is to never go for chain restaurants in Mexico and always go for the local.

The Carne Asada Fries on right

Living Within Your Means
This all brings me to further my point of the whole reason I write Metal Mouth Style every week. Showing you how to get the life & look for less. This is only achievable when you start to live within your means. Not by charging things to your credit card you cannot currently afford. I’ve personally always lived debt free. I’ve only had 1 credit card my entire life which was a Capitol One pre-paid card for $300. I only got it so I could shop online and shortly after cancelled the card when PayPal became a “thing”. 
I will always lead by this example whether it’s where I go, what I wear or things I do. Granted not all things cost under $5/10/20. That’s why living a balanced high/low lifestyle makes those bigger ticket items totally worth it. It’s not about being cheap. It’s about spending the money where you need too. The only way to do that is to strike that balance in your own lifestyle. No matter if your rich, poor or somewhere in between. We all need to live within our means to live a more stress free lifestyle. Stress comes from taking on more than your capable to handle in the moment. We only have this moment therefore it’s best to live in this moment honestly.
With that I’ll give you a sneak peak at my upcoming new adventure happening next month. Press play below.
We are downsizing!
In comparison to my rent in LA ($1500 month/room) and prior to that Toronto ($1000 month/room) before moving here I’m doing really well with living a more affordable lifestyle for a lot less. Yet, based on what I’m currently being charged in rent to rent a 2 bedroom apartment walking distance to the beach in Tijuana it’s becoming not worth it. I’m currently paying $650 a month in rent plus utilities. Which works out to around $720 each month. Which is high for a 2 Bedroom in Tijuana. 
My rent keeps raising by 15% every 6 months as per my Landlords terrible business model. I like my Landlord as a person . He’s a nice enough guy but the way they conduct their business is not sustainable for long term tenants. It’s really shitty to be charged more every six months yet not get any extra perks/space. 
I’ve been trying to get my exterior windows cleaned for 3 months with the maintenance people who work with the rental company. The last time a year ago they cleaned the windows it took 5 months of asking weekly to get done. I live on the top floor of a business building which makes cleaning the exterior windows myself impossible. In TJ Playas De Tijuana is a more expensive area based on the views/proximity to the beach.  I want to make sure my views remain intact while living here. Especially if my rent keeps raising so rapidly. For that reason we are moving on up into the hills.
On November 15th 2019 we will be downsizing from a 2 bedroom to a Studio apartment. Less interior room yes. Yet the biggest reason I took this studio is because it’s in an area with a 24/hr security guard/gate and has the option for me to develop a back yard & upstairs patios for California (My puppy) & Baja (My rabbit). Meaning we loose 2 rooms but we gain 2 outdoor spaces at $200 less than I pay right now.
My Studio Unit is $450/month

Same great views of Playas De Tijuana & San Diego on the right from the hills

Here are my last 2 looks for the week that I was pretty stoked on styling before I let you go today. Don’t forget you can now support the Metal Mouth Style & my Metal Art here on my Patreon page. I post daily updates there for my friends.
No Shade Only Frappes
California mis-matched me perfectly


Style Breakdown:

Denim Shirt Creations of Lily: $3

PVC Biker Shorts TJ Flea Market: $4

Patent Leather Boots Aliexpress: $35

Mini backpack Agaci: $5

Total Look Cost: $47

Summers Not Over Till I Say It’s Over

Click to Enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge
Style Breakdown:
Top Free People TJ Flea Market: (Retail $70) $3
Jeans TJ Street Shop: $4
Heels Calvin Klein TJ Garage Sale: $3
Mini Bag TJ Strip Mall: $3
Hat TJ Flea Market: $3
Total Look Cost: $16

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