A Clockwork Orange Chic

This week I have been inspired by a movie I do not particularly enjoy. This movie has always thoroughly creeped me out. It’s not that it is a bad movie but it’s a good movie based on truly bad people. A Clockwork Orange. Not only is this costume concept played out year after year every Halloween. It is this constant reminder of how deeply disturbed people can be to me.

However, I’m big into taking things that are dark and making them just a little bit lighter though creativity. This is my day wear inspired Clockwork Orange look for peaceful street cat-walking instead of stalking.
I think that a big issue in today’s culture is the repetitive nature we have become so accustomed too. Almost everything is just a copy of something else. Instead of things being inspired by one thing to create something new and unique. Things do not need to be so literally interpreted. Especially when it comes to style. I’m a big advocate more subtle of nuance.
Instead of combat boots I went high femme and went with a pointed toe cut out flat. Definitely no need to use a crotch guard here. I switched that up for a light bondage moment instead using a black waist cincher to beak up the all white party.
Today’s full look (minus my shoes & earrings) was all sourced locally in Tijuana.
It still blows my mind that I found this tench coat here for only 50 pesos ($3 US). It’s come in so handy this winter for added coverage. Making sure that you keep you lower  back covered when the temps drop is key to keeping heat close to you body. I leaned that lesson the hard way growing up in Canada. It was about 30 degrees shooting this look outdoors this week.
Style for less hack this week: If you are petite don’t be afraid of shopping in the juniors section! I have sworn by it for as long as I can remember. You can often find basics there at half the cost of the adult section. Both in the boys and girls section. This simple cotton turtleneck sweater is a junior  boys size by Cat & Jack. That brand specifically has super high quality pieces and you can find it at Target.
Style Breakdown:
Turtle Neck by Cat & Jack – $3
Waist Cincher – $2
Capri Pants by A New Day  – $4
Vintage Tench Coat – $3
Flats by Agaci – $6
Cap – $3
Shades – $3
Earrings by Aliexpress – $2
Total Look Cost: $26

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