Let’s Talk About Menswear… And Why It’s Not Just for Men

If you read last weeks Metal Mouth Style blog post you may remember me mentioning a style hack for less by shopping in the juniors section if your petite. This weeks style hack is why you should implore yourself to shop in the men’s section more often than not if your women. Where else do you think the whole “boyfriend jean” concept came from? Women wearing their boyfriends jeans of course.

Today’s look is about as casual as I get aside from wearing Pajama’s around the house on off days (never in public of course. I see this and it makes me sick. No PJ’s in public people!). The pants are men’s, as well as the sneakers and hat. My zip up is the only piece that is women’s in today’s look. All totally sourced locally here in Baja California Norte. I’m not into taking days off when it comes to what I wear out in public. So even if you want to go more casual I highly encourage people to still find a way to dress it up in some way, shape or form. Even if that just means taking off your Gym clothes and putting on a pair of actual pants. Gym clothes are for the gym. I repeat. Gym clothes are for the Gym.
The joggers I am wearing are faux leather moto pants by Bravery for All. This brand does not seem to be active anymore as their last posts where in 2016. When they where they did have really groovy menswear pieces. A lot of which I wish I could get my hands on more of now aside from these pants I lucked out on finding. Here are the moto joggers I’m wearing on men.
The only thing with mens sizes is you always have to try them on first. Your size will be seriously skewed when gender bending your clothing lines. For me I am a 2-4 sized pant or a 27-28 depending on the style jean. In these pants I was a 30 comfortably. I also got them at a killer deal by finding them at a local street shop here in Tijuana. They where $4 tags on.
The Adidas sneakers where found at a garage sale around the corner from my house one morning on my way to the flea market. It’s a small Mexican family that gets a lot of clothes from family members in LA that come back and forth often. By the time the clothes reach Tijuana they are incredibly cheap. They where also new without tags. I scored them for $3 which was also pretty crazy for a name brand new pair of sneakers.
I hope today’s look inspires you to make the most out of every outfit. Even on your more casual days, don’t totally give up on being casual in your own style. Stand out from the crowd of Yoga pants wearing people who clearly do not do Yoga or have seen a gym in the past 5 days. Put the poor excuse for being just lazy about  making effort also known as “athleisure” style to shame. Blaze your own trail. Gender bend your labels to death. Never fall in the same with everyone else. Wear less make up and go heavy on personality! I fucking implore you. Let your personal style shine.
Style Breakdown:
Zip up top – $5
Tank top – $2
Moto Joggers by Bravery For All – $4
Sneakers by Adidas – $3
Leather Baseball Cap – $4
Shades from Waldo’s – $2
Total Look Cost: $20

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