Feminine Street Style in Mexico & How to Pack for International Travel

Get Inspired To Dress Your Best From Departures to Arrivals

In this post I’ll be sharing feminine street style inspiration for your next trip from Canada to Mexico and beyond. I’ll also be breaking down some of my top travel tips for packing in a sustainble and efficient way for trips that are two weeks or less.

Personal Travel Tip: I rarely check my luggage and utlize my carry on as much as humanely possible. It saves me money and time at check in and getting out of the airport. It also saves me a lot of space and unneccessary weight to bear when I am traveling to enhance my life experience.

As a virtual stylist my role is to show you how to unlock the confidence you need to dress to impress yourself everyday and unlock the life experience you want to be living.

Read on below to better understand how you can get inspired to pack like a pro and dress your best.

Tables of Contents:

  • How to Pack for a Week in CDMX
  • Safety Tips for Solo Travelers
  • How to Dress for Pyramid Tour?
  • How to Dress for a Day at the Museum?

You can also watch my two part YouTube Series “The Art of Feminie Fashion on the Go” that covers my 8 day trip to Mexico City below. You’ll discover some of the best places to shop, dine and various street style looks.

PT.1 Fashion Vlog for Mexico City

How to Pack for a Week in CDMX

Packing is a skill and it takes time to harness the ablity to understand how to maximize your clothing items.

Key tips for packing for capsule wardrobe using your personal item as a bag

  • Undergarments and Socks should fit into one compartement of your personal item
  • Activewear items should fit in your personal item
  • Sleep/Loungewear should also fit into your personal item

Key tips for packing a capsule wardrobe using your carry on luggage item

  • Your carry on luggage space is reserved for your daytime/nightime looks
  • High Heels/Flats should also be packed in your carry on luggae
  • All your accessories including gloves/hats/bags/belts/glasses/hair pieces should fit in your carry on luggage

If you cannot fit all of these items into your two personal items then you have overpacked. Practice makes packing perfect.

Watch the full video breakdown below “How to Pack Smarter & More Stylish” to learn my Step by Step process for fitting travel items into one personal item and one carry on luggage piece.

Your Step by Step Carry on Luggage Packing Guide

Safety Tips

When it comes to traveling in style, especially as a solo female traveler safety is always something you must consider before and during your trip. Mexico is no exception as the country is riddled with drug wars since the 1970s and human trafficking.

These are serious issue and touches every piece of the land in this country from beach resorts to rural farmland. It’s not exculsive to Mexico but this is one country to watch out for these issues in.

Basic Travel Tips for Single Women Traveling in Mexico

  • Purchase travel insurance before your trip in case you get any injuries on your trip
  • Purchase an RFID Chip Protector Card for your wallet to avoid your card from getting scammed in transit
  • Always share your location on Whatsapp or iPhone with someone you trust in the country you currently reside in
  • If you change locations update your home contact of your address change
  • Research each area/location you plan to visit in advance to check the walking score/reviews/etc…
  • Use GoogleMaps for areas you have yet to visit to determine if the areaa are clean,maintained, and looks secure before you go
  • Do not go out at night by yourself!
  • Travel in groups of 2 or more when you do go out at night

Lastly use your gut instincts on your trip. Women are generally much more in tune with their instincts than our male counterparts based on our ablity to emapthize and pick up on social cues more quickly. If it feels like a “No” then please do not GO!

How to Dress for Pyramid Tour?

When you’re going for a Pyramid tour and you don’t want to look like a tourist your footwear says a lot about the type of experiece you want to have.

In my outfit below you can see I opted for white flat mules with gold buckle hardware. My only regret with this look was that my mules where not slingbacks to hold my heels back in place to avoid slippage. Also, I didn’t realize the terrain would be so rugged.

Personally, I would have been better suited with a slightly thicker rubber sole shoe for this occasion. R.I.P to my Apricot Mules that where scarificed to the Aztec Gods that day and did not make it past this trip due to pebble damage.

Behold the allure of a refined woman in Mexico, adorned in a lace top and a luxurious suede hat. Her poised stance and impeccable style leave a lasting impression.
Wearing White Mule Flats, Knit High Waist Slit Skirt (Aqua), and a Lace White Top Made in CDMX @ Ciudad Prehispánica de Teotihuacán

Basic footwear to avoid:

  • Socks with Sandals
  • Hiking Boots (unless you are actually planning on hiking a mountain)
  • Sport Sneakers (unless you are going for a sporting activity)
  • Birkenstocks

Stylish footwear to include:

  • Slingback Mules
  • Platform Strap Sandals (high/mid/low)
  • Cowboy Boots (vintage/new)
  • Strappy Flat Sandals

Here are some examples of ways to style yourself feminine, timeless and chic when you travel with your footwear choices.

Summer Women Sandals Platform Chunky Heel Flat Metal Buckle Female Shoes Ladies Peep Toe Mujer Casual Daily Slingback Footwear
Platform Sandals with Metallic Gold Strap Detail
Women's Stiletto Heeled Sandals, Fashion Square Toe Dress Pumps, Fashion Rhinestone Buckle Strap Heels
Strappy Flat Sandals
TRAF Summer Flat Sandals For Woman Chic Beach Style Pointed Toe Slippers Casual Wide Woven Strap Flip Flops New Slingbacks Mules
Slingback Mules
See the fully styled daytime look in action from City to the Pyramid Tour
How to Dress for a Day at the Museum?

When attending a Museum I highly reccomend being super unique (like myself) and using the architecture of your destination as your style inspiration.

I sourced my entire outfit for my day at the museum from Bershka in Mexico City while I was on my trip. My total look cost me under $50 CAD. I highly reccomend this retail location if you’re looking for a quick change on any budget and want a variety of pieces to piece together.

As you can see from the images below I used the silver metallic tone of the Museo de Soumaya in Mexico City as my main color inspiration and tone.

A glamorous woman, donning metallic silver pants, strikes a pose in front of a majestic museum
Metallic Silver Pants by Berskha ($14 CAD on Sale)
A stylish lady, clad in shimmering silver pants, elegantly poses against the backdrop of a grand museum.
Nude Transparent Strp Heels by Berksha ($14 CAD On Sale)
With an air of sophistication, a fashion-forward woman showcases her impeccable style in metallic silver pants, standing gracefully in front of a magnificent museum.
Metallic Silver Open Back Criss Cross Hooded Top by Bershka ($7 CAD On Sale)
See the fully styled look in action with stylist commentary being modeled in front of Museo De Soumaya in CDMX
Closing the Closet

I truly hope you take my professional and personal advice for your next trip to Mexico and beyond!

Don’t belive the hype and don’t let your guard down when your away from familiar environments. Every place has it’s problems but that doesn’t mean you cannot still enjoy the experience and stay stylish the whole way through.

I hope this article helps you find more ways to travel lighter, smarter and on a more sustainable budget.

Remember, fashion is for sale but style is forever!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me. I’m always here to help!

Woman in a Barbie pink dress smiles at the camera

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