How to Build a Model Worthy Wardrobe You Can Trust : Professional Stylist Advice

Learn How to Build The Wardrobe of your Dreams

In this post I’ll be sharing with you my top five tips and ways you can build a model worthy wardrobe that you can be proud of.

Knowing what staples to start incorporating into your day to day outfits is the key to unlocking your own, unique, bold, feminine sense of style. I am a retired fashion model (10 years modeling) therefore I’ve learned a lot from my experiences in the industry. I also understood the importance of adding onto what I learned as a model to create my own unique aesthetic.

I am here to help you feel inspired to change your clothing habits and step outside of the box you’ve created for yourself. Real growth happens when we are the most uncomfortable in something new.

Tables of Contents:

  1. Why Versatile Pieces Matter Most
  2. A-Line Skirts For All Body Types
  3. Monotone & Color Blocking Outfits
  4. Accessorize to Accentuate Personality

You can also watch my YouTube Series on how to build a model worthy wardrobe below for more style tips and tricks. Then continue to scroll below for more visual outfit references and breakdowns.

Top Tips to Help you Build your Model Worthy Wardrobe

1. Why Versatile Pieces Matter Most

Versality is the key to any/all items you chose to build your wardrobe. One article of clothing ideally should go with many others in your wardrobe. Blazers, Belts, Bags, Denim, Jackets can all be worn in various way time over time depending on how they are styled.

A woman in a red dress and black blazer. The model wears a red satin fitted dress, exuding elegance and style
An Oversized 1980s Vintage Black Blazer is worn as a jacket over a red satin fitted strappy halter dress
Fashionable woman in black blazer, bra top, and pants strolling along the street.
The exact same Vintage Black Blazer is worn to compliment a bralette and wide leg pant ensemble on the streets of Montreal

2. A-Line Skirts For All Body Types

A-Line Skirts are a feminine woman’s BFF! They come in all shapes, lengths, textiles and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your unique personality and body type.

There are several options in the images below for you to get some inspiration from high, mid, to low hemlines in various prints, colors and textiles.

A woman in a blue top and skirt is walking down the street, wearing a baby blue 2-piece outfit.
Wearing a baby blue, pleated, ankle length A-line skirt to match a royal blue satin cropped top.
A woman donning a 1990s lime green 2-piece suit skirt set, showcasing a vintage style
Wearing a burgundy satin lantern blouse paired with a 1990s vintage satin and gold plaid A-Line Skirt.
Styling a lime green vintage 1990s 2 piece power suit with an above the knee length A-line skirt with matching lime green tip tweed heels.
Elegant woman in 1990s black satin ankle-length skirt with mixed textiles
Styling a black mixed textile, ankle length, A-line 1990s vintage skirt with a black embroidered lace blouse.

3. Understanding Monotone & Color Blocking Outfits

A very simple way to elevate your wardrobe is to find 2-3 primary colors that work for you and stick to them!

When you match the same colors together for a full look it automatically gives you a more pulled together aesthetic. This is called monochromatic fashion styling.

Once you master the art of monochromatic styling outfits you can then start to understand color blocking techniques. This is when you will mix and match primary colors with other tones and patterns.

I’ve styled several outfits below to give you more understanding of these effects.

Sophisticated woman in monochromatic silk ensemble walking her tiny dog
Wearing an beige monochromatic matching silk tank top and silk flared shorts featuring my beige dog, California.
A stunning woman dons a chic 1950s ensemble, featuring a green and white checkered 2-piece dress and jacket. Classic elegance personified!
Styling patterns into a Monochromatic Look. Wearing a 1950s Handsewn Vintage 2 Piece Green and White Checkered Dress & Cropped Jacket.
Adorned in a meticulously tailored 2-piece dress and jacket, this woman radiates elegance. The green and white checkered pattern adds a touch of vintage charm to her impeccable style.
White satin gloves, white lace kitten heels and vintage pearl earrings are worn to compliment the white in this outfits pattern details.
Fashionable woman in a blue dress strikes a pose in the countryside, dressed in a vintage 1980s royal blue cardigan and skirt ensemble
Color blocking a royal blue knitted 1980s vintage 2 piece set with a black velvet 1980s vintage corset and black slouchy suede knee high boots.
Exuding sophistication, a woman strikes a pose in a stunning color blocked black and white blouse paired with sleek leggings. Her ensemble is elevated by fashionable PVC ankle boots.
Color blocking black, white and polka dot prints. Wearing a 1990s vintage polka dot blouse, black leggings paired with black PVC knee high boots with pearl ankle details.

4. Accessorize to Accentuate Personality

The trick to making fashion your own is understanding how to use accessories to compliment (not compete) with your wardrobe.

No fashion show is complete without models wearing the right accessories to bring the fully styled outfit to life on the runway. Apply that same rule of thumb to your day to day life when getting dressed at home.

Whether it’s hats, belts, bags or sunglasses utilize these necessary pieces as useful ways to help polish off your look.

Here’s some visual inspiration below of various ways to understand how to make accessories your new art form.

Elegant woman in Audrey Hepburn wide brimmed mesh hat and oversized sunglasses, with red lipstick.
A black and white, wide brimmed mesh hat is worn with thick frame cube shaped white sunglasses and a pearl and vintage Vera Wang clear choker necklace. This look provides shade and style which using accessories.
Woman in red sweater and black pants sits on snow, wearing matching red fur Russian winter hat for a luxurious winter look
A red fox fur Russian winter hat is worn with a black faux fur 1980s winter jacket and a matching red knit cotton sweater and black Tom Ford sunglasses. By matching the red winter hat with the red sweater this compliments the necessary warm layers of the season.
Elegant lady in red sweater and black pants sits gracefully on snow, accessorized with a stunning red fur Russian winter hat.
These black, vegan leather pants are designed by Manier de Voir
Exuding opulence, a woman adorns herself in a vintage faux fur jacket, gracefully paired with a classic blouse and a sleek black mini skirt. A true embodiment of timeless elegance.
A dark, chocolate brown faux fur 1980s vintage ankle length jacket is worn as outerwear to compliment a black mini skirt and burgundy blouse.
With an air of sophistication, a woman showcases her impeccable style in a vintage faux fur jacket, effortlessly draped over a vintage blouse and a captivating black mini skirt. She tops off the looks with a silk bow in her hair. A fashion statement that exudes playful luxury.
A burgundy silk bow hair clip is worn as a bold, feminine accessory to give the look a glamours detail from the back view.
Elegantly clad in a 1970s vintage pleated skirt, a woman exudes timeless charm. Her embroidered blouse adds a touch of sophistication, while the PVC ankle boots lend a modern twist. A picturesque snowy backdrop completes this fashionable ensemble.
A black and white faux pearl 1980s vintage necklace is worn with a white and gold waist belt.
Elegant woman in white skirt striking a pose in the snow, wearing 1970s vintage pleated skirt, embroidered blouse, pearl jewelry.
Baroque pear earrings with chrome hoops are worn to compliment to pearl details in extra long vintage necklace.

Closing the Closet

By following these tips, you can create a wardrobe that is both stylish, unique and sustainable for you to feel like supermodel everyday of the week.

Let’s always keep top of mind that having personal style is a powerful tool for social commentary, sustainability, and confidence. It’s a way to show the world who we are and what we stand for.

I hope this article helps you find more ways to build the wardrobe of your dreams that will last you a lifetime and that bucks all fashion trends.

As a personal stylist, I encourage feminine women all ages to use fashion as a means of self-expression and creativity. Remember, fashion is not just about clothes; it’s a way of life.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me. I’m always here to help!

Woman in a Barbie pink dress smiles at the camera

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