Make the Meat Market Your Runway

There is one thing I do not do in life. That one thing is to make excuses not to dress up and look my best everyday. Even around the house (more on that style hack later). The key to feeling good is also looking your best. Inside out baby. Quite frankly a trip to the grocery store for me is a perfect opportunity to debut a new look.
Enter Mora Mercado in Tijuana. Where I went to get my weekly haul of meat for this week. A hot tip if your a local is that the meat at this market is great quality and very well priced. However, as far as fresh foods go it’s lacking. Also I may add that the line on weekends is insane and unless you like feeling like the world is ending slammed up against obese strangers bodies I would avoid it at all costs. That’s what happened to me.
Whenever I’m stuck in a crowd somewhere it always baffles me how many people put zero effort behind how they dress. Yoga pants and a sweater makes me nauseous. Yoga pants are for doing Yoga. Since when did these become a wardrobe staple for a full day look? This brings me to my style hack of the week.
Style Hack: It’s really simple. If you want to always look your best. Even around the house. You must only own clothes that fit you well and are well cared for. In other words. Do not have shit in your closet and you won’t look like it. Sure you can be more casual and at ease around the house but that doesn’t mean you have to throw personal style aside. Items that are pilling, have holes in them, don’t fit you properly or a full arsenal of Yoga pants that you wear not doing Yoga is not putting your best effort into how you present yourself. Not only to the world but to yourself! When you put effort into yourself it transcends into others areas of your life as well.
My inspiration behind my look today is the idea of a flower blooming in winter. It’s really cold this winter across the globe. We are seeing places like Tijuana experience exceptionally cooler temperatures that what we’re used too. There’s snow in the high mountains here in Baja California Norte. That’s what is bringing much cooler winds down through the valley than normal. In other words. I’m freezing my tits off this year and am going to be moving even further south next winter.
The one thing that hasn’t stopped here is the flowers are still in bloom. Despite the frigid temperatures nature is still strong and resilient. Even more so than us mere mortal humans. I say this realistically not pessimistically because nature was here before us as a species and it will be here long after. I find the reminder of seeing plant life sustain itself throughout all these extremes while kids and elderly are dying of the flu in this city incredibly humbling.
With a dead carcass in hand I decided to off set my bold print with a muted black palette underneath. You can never go wrong with black on black.
Leather & lace half gloves as my signature as are superior accessory. They keep your hands warm yet leave your fingers free for touch screens.
My entire look today (outside of my shades and gloves) was all sourced entirely at independently owned street shops in Tijuana.
Style Breakdown:
Hat by Nine West – $10
Shades by Agaci – $5
Earrings – $2
Blouse  – $3
Skirt by Express – $3
Shoes by Stuart Weitzman – $4
Total Look Cost : $ 27

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