In My Mind I’m On A Picnic & Why You Should Mix Prints More Often

In my first blog post for Metal Mouth Style I wrote about Gingham being a print that I loved to incorporate into my wardrobe. I also somehow managed to parlay my love of 90’s pornstars into that same post. I recommend the read if your new to the blog. Today I want to show you why mixing prints can be really fun and eye catching. While wearing Gingham again.

For the longest time somehow we where made to feel as though there where these rules to fashion. Maybe there still are but when it comes to personal style. There are no rules. That’s why I love to focus in hard on inspiration behind looks rather than the brands themselves here. One cardinal rule seemed to always been that you where not to ever mix prints. Things where expected for a long time to be uniform or “matchy matchy”. I personally like to match some days and mix match others. It all depends on the outfit or mood. However, one thing I do know is that it’s never a good thing to totally match everything up in your outfit. It’s best to leave something even if it’s just an accessory slightly “off” from the rest of the look.

Today’s look I wanted to incorporate Gingham with Herringbone prints together. My inspiration behind this look instead of pornstars this time is a picnic. Gingham as a print is not only widely used for fashion. It is used a lot in restaurants, especially Italian but also corner shop pizza joints to name a few. Usually in red and white to make you hungry for food. I’m not big into color so my kind of picnic is black and white. Now that I’ve styled this look I’m dying to take myself on an actual picnic not just be inspired by one. I find the highest form of romance is to romance one’s self. Get dressed up and take yourself on an adventure.

*Switch the red & white for black & white and you have today’s look*
*Top by Misa retails for $220. My price $7*
My entire look today was all found here in Tijuana, Baja California. All from street shops and flea markets. I’m personally starting to outgrow Tijuana. I’ve been here for a bit over a year now. I’m looking forward to soon discovering a new part of Mexico that is further away from the direct impact of the U.S.A and more authentic to Mexican culture.
Style hack. The one thing I can say though is that this town is where I really got my looks together. I was able to find great quality clothes here for less than a quarter of the retail price. The one good thing I can say about TJ is that if your into vintage clothing and off sales this is your wet dream. It’s worth the trip just to go shopping if your close to the border or passing through this area. Don’t go to the tourist area’s. Skip off the beaten path and pop into street shops in residential neighborhoods. Look for the clothes hanging on gates of homes. That is where you will find gold if your there before the good stuff is gone.
*These weaved leather flats are my find of the week at $3*
Style Breakdown:
Top by Misa – $7
Skinny Jeans – $5
Military cap – $3
Herringbone Scarf  – $1
Velvet Hobo Bag – $3
Leather Shoes – $3
Shades – $2
Total Look Cost: $24
About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Fashion Model and Style Blogger

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