I’m In A Blue Velvet State of Mind

I re-watched one of my all time David Lynch films last night “Blue Velvet” from 1986. It’s so dark yet beautiful and even glamorous at the same time. I absolutely love the distinction between it’s title and the subject matter portrayed throughout the film. Velvet as a textile itself is incredibly soft yet when you rub it the wrong way it is very rough and harsh. Just like the duality between dark sides and light. This is why today’s blog is dedicated to the movie.

Personally I chose to wear black and blue for a distinct reason. Due to the violent nature of the film most especially Dorthy Vallen’s character who seems to love getting punched in the face during sex it seemed well suited to my homage to this impeccable film.
Living in a place like Tijuana is very similar to living in a David Lynch film. It’s one of the most obscure places I’ve ever seen in my life. You can be in a gorgeous restaurant one minute then you can just as easily fall into a manhole right outside of said restaurant right after you dine. Tijuana is hard, it’s incredibly rough yet right on the outskirts of the city it’s surrounded by so much natural beauty. There are a lot of parallels to the movie and this place for me personally.
Velvet especially good quality velvet is hard to find. For my personal style hack this week I’ll let you in on a little secret. The absolute best place to find good quality (outside of luxury brands which most people cannot afford) velvet garments is at vintage shops. All my best velvet I’ve ever owned has come from vintage shopping. Pieces from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s all still have held up incredibly well with proper care over time. My pants are actually from Toronto’s Gypsy Caravan Found Objects which date back to the 90’s. I highly recommend this spot if your in that city. When I lived there I would make weekly visits and always find great pieces.
The rest of my look was all locally sourced here in Tijuana at vintage boutiques.
I highly suggest you make the time to watch Blue Velvet if you haven’t seen it already. Lest I forget to mention to also features Frank Booth. The guy behind all the madness that occurs in the film. Dennis Hopper plays Frank in such a manic way it’s brilliant and a top moment in his acting career.
Never trust a man on Nitrous Oxide. Trust me.. I have seen the effects of this drug first hand at parties in LA when used recreationally. It ‘aint pretty folks.
Style Breakdown:
Velvet Bodysuit : $4
Velvet Pants : $25
Leather Flats by Etienne Aigner : $5
Plaid Jacket by Carmin : $5
Total Look Cost: $39
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