A Glimpse Into Frida Kahlo’s Painfully Beautiful World

Hello loyal readers. Let’s get into 2 of my favorite stops I made on my recent trip to Mexico City today. One was Frida Kahlo’s house converted into a Museum. The second was Diego Rivera’s tomb which boasts vast collections of his sculptural work and paintings. These where both two stand out moments for me and places I plan to re-visit often when I move to Mexico City this Summer. For now you can join me for the tour through my eyes.

Frida Kahlo Is The Shit
You know those bombers that became trendy about 2 years ago that read “Mexico Is The Shit” on the back? I do enjoy Mexico a lot but Mexico’s plagued with inane levels of corruption and violence. Certain parts of Mexico are definitely “the shit” but about half of the other states are not. I.E my current location in Tijuana.

Reference from @TheTalkingLipstick
You know who is the shit. Frida Fucking Kahlo. This woman exemplifies what it means to be apologetically yourself. A natural artist, fashion slayer, incredibly strong and kind at heart. There is a reason her legacy continues to live on and she is so well revered. You don’t get that kind of recognition as an artist when your an asshole. Your work may be extraordinary but people will always remember you as a dick. Yes, Frida clearly had substance abuse issues due pain from her traumatic injuries. Who wouldn’t? No one here is a perfect human and I find her flaws make her all that much more beautiful. It’s a lesson to us all to be kinder to ourselves and to others. This doesn’t mean you need to be a pushover and not assert yourself. This means making that little bit of extra effort to be kind day to day.
The line that wraps around the block
The one thing about the Frida Kahol Museum is that you will want to get there early if you don’t want to wait in a line that wraps around the block. It’s a very popular tourist area. We got lucky because there was a person offering tickets at 160 pesos ( around $8) which was double the standard admission to skip the line and get a free trip and entry to the Diego Rivera Museum. My time is not money, it’s time. Money you can make more of, time you cannot. Being in a line is time I will never get back in my life so I was elated we could by-pass a 2 hour line with limited time in Mexico City.
This was the end of the line where we started before paying extra for VIP
I highly suggest you take the VIP offer for the sheer fact that you get 2 Museums, no wait time and transport to and from Diego Rivera’s from Frida Kahlo’s. Since she was married to the man it only makes sense you see both at the same time. Especially if it’s your first time you get a really groovy perspective of two totally different artists. 
The Courtyard Areas

Frida’s work desk & infamous bed she died in

The Kitchen

What made me die and come back to life in the same moment was Frida’s insane personal style. I felt a kinship with how she dressed. Her special event attire rivals most starlet’s on the red carpet today. This is a prime example why it is so important to find your personal style and stick with it. No matter what people may say about you or how others may try to make you feel for being different. 

From a paint stained hospital gown to high glam ethereal Goddess

Diego Rivera’s Gothic Tomb Museum
Next on the tour was the Diego Rivera “house tour”. This is how they explained it to use on the bus which took us directly from the Frida Kahlo Museum to Diego’s. Upon arriving it was clear this is no house tour. This is a gothic dream tomb on psychedelics. It’s the perfect blend architecturally of the Mayan Tombs and Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s a jaw dropping moment for any purveyor or the dark arts. This also shows the vast distinction between both artists aesthetic. Frida was dark in the light and Diego was dark as night. So cool. Obscure obese statues litter the interior and line the walls. The unfinished paintings on the top floor act as a reminder of happens to an artist post mortem. The art that will forever be unfinished and the artist that made art until they died. When you are willing to die for your art is when you know you are an artist. 


The brick snakes on the ceiling where favorite design detail. The stained glass is gorgeous.
The unfinished paintings

At the end of touring Diego’s tomb I did a little shopping. There’s a killer booth at the end of the courtyard where you can buy everything from Mezcal, clothing & jewelry. All artisanal and hand crafted. I’m not one for tourist shopping but this booth had items you can actually use. The woman made my Frida bag by hand and was making others while I was there. Really unique key pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe or your pantry. I will be stocking up on the Mezcal this Summer solely as an excuse to return to the tomb for inspiration.

The perfect grocery bag
A basic staple the white knit tee made in Frida fashion
Take me back to Mexico City. I sit here counting the days it will take me to finish my Metal Art book “Tijufuckinguana” so I can move to a place that will feed my soul again. Not all of Mexico is the shit. The reality is Mexico as a country needs a lot of work both on the citizens part and government to radically shift the mindset on violence & corruption. Places like Mexico City give me hope that we can see this country truly become a more developed, evolved united nation as a whole. There is so much natural beauty here and I want to see more of it. 
We end with the look of the week.
Tomb Raider In Kitten Heels

Style Breakdown:

Bodysuit TJ Vintage Boutique: $5
Pants BCBG TJ Flea Market: (Retail $200) $3
Shoes Stuart Weitzman Creations Of Lily: $4
Satin Shawl LA Vintage Shop: $5
Total Look Cost: $23

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