The 2000’s: The Worst Decade For Fashion

Hello loyal readers. I was going through the decades of fashion recently in a Goggle search and stumbled upon the 2000’s. One decade I lived through as a very young adult. The 2000’s for me was age 16-26. In Pop culture Sex tapes where in high demand, Paris Hilton ruled the LA party scene, and no one knew how the Kardashian’s where. We as humans can learn so much from our own hindsight which is why in every aspect of life it’s important to take looks back. Especially when it comes to what we wear. The Fashion industry is cyclical, constantly circling back to decades past and re-packaging designs for consumption. This is why it’s important not to follow trends and find your own personal style. It’s much more sustainable to stick with what works for you not what’s “new”. You also won’t look like a total moron by having your own distinct style that bucks all trends and stands the test of time and flashbacks. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and decipher how ridiculous celebrities looked in the 2000’s and how we can do it better today.

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The Worst Of The Decade

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Gwen Stefani someone touted as a fashion favorite could not survive the 2000’s without looking like she was channeling a clown. The Trucker Hat with 70’s Farrah Fawcett hair. Cropped halter tops should have never been a thing. Matching your top to your hand sock. That’s right, that’s a hand sock. Showing your underwear in jeans. Ill fitting flared jeans but not just any flared jean a side slit flared jean. The over-sized bling belt buckle. Finishing the look with a sneaker high heel. Everything about this look is giving me PTSD. I fell for the flared jean meets bling belt buckle trend in this era and I will never fall for it again.

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J-Lo was a victim to every trend in the 2000’s. Especially “Bling”. One cannot reference this era without mentioning her bedazzled to death MTV VMA look. The bandanna is bedazzled. The crop tank top is bedazzled. Her belly button is bedazzled. Everything was a bedazzled barf fest. I also fell for this trend and would put bling on fucking everything. Never again. Pick your shine one item at a time. If you wear a rhinestone belt then let that be the stand out of your look. Mute everything else. Never bling a bandanna ever again.

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Pink at the VMA’s wearing everything that is wrong. From the overly spiked hair to the jeans that look like someone took a bite out of them this entire statement is horror show. It’s eye rape worthy. The cutting of denim below the waistline is a serious problem. Not only does it make the denim fall in an awkward way it does nothing to compliment shape. Even as a costume look it’s proportions are way off. A metallic, denim safety pinned mess. I never fell for this “trend”.

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Nicole Richie is further proof that no one is perfect. Mud flaps for the feet? Unnecessary. Cut off denim skirts where all the rage. I fell for this one big time. I would cut off all my old jeans and turn them into the tiniest of micro mini skirts. Just covering my crotch and my butt similar to this length. Excess skin was in and being edgy meant showing as much of it as possible without getting arrested in public. There’s a thin line between sexy and skanky. To tell if your skirt is too short for your body the trick is to make sure it meets where your fingers end. 

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The bling belt buckle strikes again! This time on Mariah Carey.

The dress over the denim. Not just any denim. Flared jeans. Whyyyyyyy. This look gives me anxiety. When it comes to style one must decide. Am I wearing a shirt or a dress? Am I wearing pants or a dress? You simply can’t have it both ways.
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Dress over denim strikes again with a vengeance, capri cargo pants and a wife beater over lace.
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You cannot go any lower
Underwear: to be worn under garments 
Does the addition of a chain make these pants stay up longer?

Ugg boots (A boot marketed as an ugly boot is just an ugly boot), extra low-rise jeans, tank tops and mini-skirts, crotch straddling skirts, and of course… more dresses over denim! This is your brain on cocaine people. A party accessory I’m very happy I left behind in the 2000’s.

Two 2000’s Trends Done Right In The 2020’s
Lingerie tops as shirts. This concept re-worked is a sexy femme statement today. You just need to swap out the denim. The denim makes a lingerie top look like you just woke up and where too lazy to change out of your sleepwear. Pair your sexy satin with a mid-rise/high-waist pair of trousers/pants. This elevates everything. Tucking in your top makes the look cleaner. I went for a pair of faux leather pants and added a mock turtleneck shawl for some added coverage.
Lingerie In The Day

Style Breakdown:

Hat Creations Of Lily Vintage Non-Profit Tijuana: $5
Shawl BCBG ( Retail $150) Tijuana Flea Market: $3
Top Guess  ( Retail $70) Tijuana Flea Market: $3
Pants Tijuana Boutique: $5
Shoes Calvin Klein ( Retail $70) Los Americas Outlet Mall: $15
Total Look Cost: $31

If you must wear a dress over denim there is a way you can do this look justice. After how much I’ve ripped this look I may as well show you a way to make it modern and more timeless. Switch out a the sun dress for a shift dress. Use a more dense fabric and stay away from print all together when pairing over your jeans. Keep it simple and sleek. Anything too loud or a dress cut that flares out when you’re wearing pants takes away from your shape. A master key to making this look timeless is to use a slim fit/skinny jean. This makes both top and bottom pieces flow in a cohesive fashion.  This look isn’t for everyone either. It’s best if your on the longer/leaner side to pull off correctly. If you’re shorter, wider or both this look will make you look even shorter and wider. 

Style Breakdown:

Dress French Connection ( Retail $300) Tijuana Street Shop: $5
Skinny Jeans Gap ( Retail $60) Tijuana Flea Market: $4
Shoes Creations Of Lily Vintage Non-Profit Tijuana: $4
Sequin Scarf Creations Of Lily Vintage Non-Profit Tijuana: $4
Total Look Cost: $17
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