Adventures In A $20 Motel Room In Mexico

Hello loyal readers and thank you for being patient in waiting for this new post. I’ve never taken 2 weeks off from writing since Metal Mouth Style started last year. I have had serious writers guilt about it but I’ve also been slammed with responsibilities. Downsizing kicked my ass hardcore. Moving sucks most when you’re in the same area because you have to haul all your belongings to your new home. Pack, unpack, then get settled & set up your new place. I prefer moving to different countries. You take a suitcase and you call it a day. Alas, the latest move will be worth it in the long-term. So let’s get into what’s happening now!

                                         Here’s are the topics we will be talking about today:

                                         1. What a $20 Motel Room Looks Like In Tijuana
                                         2. How To Get The Luxury Look Without The Luxury Price Point
                                         3. My Top 2 Deals Of The Week

                                                    A $20 Motel Room… Is It Worth It?

Here in Mexico you can always find those low down motels on every other street corner in the cities. Especially this part of Mexico, Tijuana. I’ve personally always been so curious as about these places are actually like inside. Is it just a place for husbands to cheat on their wives on their work breaks with  naïve women? Are gang bangers using it as a temporary safe house? How dirty is a place that is so cheap?

I decided to take myself on a local adventure and check into a room to feed my own personal curiosities (and bring you with me of course). I didn’t have to go far as there is one of these Motel’s in my beach community of Playas De Tijuana far removed from the riff raff of the city core.

Motel Playas Single Room 12/02/2019

I booked into my room at Motel Playas for the 4 hour stay at $20. The full day rate is $40. There was no way I would stay overnight as I live in the same town. Nothing beats your own home and bed at the end of the day. Adventures and experiences are one thing but suffering is quiet another for me. 

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The exterior has a late 1960’s vibe to it. A call back to the days before cartels ravaged this territory which directly impacts the crumbling infrastructure. The check in is through this front gate. You knock on the gate, hand the attendant your money and she gives you a slip with your room number on it. Simple as that, they didn’t even check for ID.

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I was lucky #13 this day. Upon entry my first impression was how clean it was. I could tell right away from the floors and surfaces that the maid comes in here at least once a day. That caught me off guard as I expected the worst. The appliances where all seriously out dated but the room itself was really big. The bathroom had its own area with an en-suite vanity. They even offer room service or your typical Mexican fare. No mini-bar but there is AC/Heat. As basic as it gets.

Was this a 10/10… well for $20 I’d say yes! Would I return… No. This was a fun experiment for me. If I ever had friends in town that needed a place to stay in an emergency in the middle of the night I’d recommend this. If I had friends in town that needed a place to stay without the emergency I’d say get an Air B&B. 
I didn’t see any gang bangers, husbands with their paramours (although there was a ceiling mirror above the bed and we all know what those are for) or anything outwardly seedy. I got the vibe that the main attendant goes off her own instinct on whom he/she rents rooms to so as not to have the Motel be destroyed by transient morons. 
I had the room for 4 hours but I left after 30 minutes. Just enough time to snap some pics and check out the overall vibe.
Motel Playas, Calle Colonia 101

*If you want to see me cover more local motels to try to find the more stylish one in Tijuana let me know in the comments/contact form.

                              How To Get The Luxury Look Without The Luxury Price Point

As you know from following ( or just reading the headline above) Metal Mouth Style is all about getting the look for less and expressing your best personal style both in life and in fashion. That’s why I dig the opportunity to lead by this example every week here and give you real-time examples of what this means.

In a post I made here about climate change & style I featured a dress by Alice & Olivia. This dress retailed for $500 and I found it new with tags at a Tijuana Flea Market for $4. It had me wondering why exactly Alice & Olivia’s price point is so high? That dress itself did not feel like it was a $500 dress on. The only difference I noticed was the zipper was higher quality than your average fast fashion garments for $20 or less. The sequin dress outside of the zipper felt the same as any other I’ve ever worn for far less than the $500 price point. 
For that reason I decided to take some looks from Alice & Olivia’s current 2019 collection and re-create them for a hell of a lot less. These are items in my current wardrobe that look and feel great. Enjoy this weeks top three looks below!
A $1495 pant into an entire outfit for $22

Style Breakdown:

Pleather Top Aliexpress: $10
PVC Pant Who What Wear TJ Street Shop: $5
Sandals Rock n Republic (Discontinued) Creations of Lily: $4
Hat TJ Flea Market: $3
Total Look Cost: $22

A $1395 Jacket Into A Look For $17

Style Breakdown:

Faux Fur Jacket TJ Street Shop: $5
Jumpsuit Sam & Lavi TJ Flea Market: $4
Total Look Cost: $17

A $495 Gold Pleated Skirt Look For $19

Style Breakdown:

Silk Top Aliexpress: $10
Skirt Ralph Lauren TJ Street Shop: $5
Shoes Ettinger Creations of Lily: $4
Total Look Cost: $19
My Top 2 Deals Of The Week
When I get stoked on deals I have to share them. These are two items I found last week in Tijuana that I cannot wait to style full looks around. These looks will debut in Spring 2020. Both of these pieces were found in street shops. We are currently weathering some serious torrential downpours and matched by freezing cold weather here in Baja Norte. Which means in future blogs we’re going to have more fun with layers and winter wear. Which I cannot believe I have to say moving here for “the weather” and being Canadian living on the West Coast. My internal dialogue really says “What the fuck is this bullshit?”. Climate change! Good times people!
Click to Enlarge
We’ll see you here next week for more Metal Mouth Style. Sound off in the comments section below on your favorite parts about today’s article or your ideas for future posts you want to see. 
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