Cafes, Couchsurfing & Baja California!

Last week was a busy and slightly crazy one. With that comes a lot of new experiences to share with you in my life and style today. The water rationing program officially begins today in Tijuana. Things are hard out here. There’s no doubt about it.  I have written about the water crisis in-depth on Metal Mouth Style here. Things I already predicted have quickly become the new reality. I can never pretend life is easy because nowhere in the world is that true. However, the degree to which people suffer here in Tijuana is on another level I have never experienced before. Despite all that I choose to stay positive on what the future may bring. Let’s look at some nicer things about being in this region of the world. Today we will cover the following subjects listed below:

                                               1. The Best Cafe For A Quiet Day Date
                                               2. My First Couchsurfing Meet-Up Event in Tijuana
                                               3. The Best Place To Get Lobster In Baja California

The Best Cafe For A Quiet Day Date

California loves the patio at La Caja de Madera

La Caja de Madera is a diamond in a lot of rough here in Tijuana. I’ve come to greatly appreciate the businesses that put effort into interior decor. I go here for high tea and dessert about once a month when I want my sugar fix. If you want a quiet cafe/lunch/late breakfast go anytime before/after 12pm during the week. They close early at 3:30pm each day. All the dishes are Mexican and the menu is in Spanish. Also note none of the staff speak English. Be ready to have your Google translate ready to read the menu and order. Another thing to note is that they do not accept credit/debit cards here. That’s the only pitfall to this place and the reason I don’t go more often. I rarely walk with cash. 
All in all I still give it a 10/10 but really wish this establishment would start offering debit/credit card payment options. 
High Tea & Hounds-tooth With My #1 Bitch

Style Breakdown:
Top Creeeps Toronto: $10
Skirt Michael Kors TJ Street Shop: (Retail $150) $3
Shoes Waldo’s: $5
Hat TJ Flea Market: $2
Total Look Cost: $20
My First Couchsurfing Meet-Up Event in Tijuana

If you’ve followed my journey on Metal Mouth Style and on The Metal Mindset Podcast you already know that making friends in Tijuana has been a nightmare. I have lived all over Canada, USA and now Mexico and this country bar none is not very receptive to alternative people. In other North American countries people generally would see my independence and artistic nature as a positive. My uniqueness set me apart from the pack in a positive light. In Mexico I get judged for being different on a scale I have never been judged before. It’s something that’s made me so much stronger but also something that’s made it impossible to make any friends here. For that reason I decided to jump way outside of my box and try an online meet up through Couchsurfing.
I started my night solo for dinner at my favorite place to people watch and eat at the same time Hotel Caesars Restaurant. This is where you want to go if your our solo, want great service and a nice variety of menu items. The staff here always take good care of me and make me feel welcome.
I went with the Rockefeller Oysters
After my warm up at Cesasrs I went to the Couchsurfing Meet-Up located that week at Cine Tonala

The meet up spot at Cine Tonala was ideal. I was impressed by this place which is saying a lot. I’m a total art-service snob. Meaning my bar for interior decor combined with stellar service is higher than average. I’ll happily own that. I like nice things, nice people, nice places and living within my means. Being on Av Revolucion where most bars are ridiculously loud, smoke-filled and lackluster this place shines. It’s 3 levels (Both indoor and outdoor patios) and houses an independent movie theater outside of the bar areas.  This is ideal for a big group hangs/small. If your solo I’d sit on the first level bar to chat with the Bartender or catch a movie.
I Accidentally Got Drunk & This Is Not My Hat
Style Breakdown:
Dress Sam & Lavi TJ Flea Market: (Retail $150) $4
Beaded Clutch TJ Flea Market: $3
Total Look Cost: $7
Cine Tonala get’s a 10/10 for me. Go there if you go nowhere else on Ave Revolucion it’s worth a look. Then finish your night at Dandy Del Sur. Trust me the as far as nightlife goes you’re not missing much to keep it quiet here. I truly hope that this is the direction Tijuana starts to move towards on a whole as a city in regards to revitalizing the infrastructure and culture of this border-land.
As far as the Couchsurfing Meet-Up goes I felt it was a good way to go out and not be alone for a change. That part was nice. Did I make any friends? Who knows! It’s impossible to gauge real character when you meet new people in a substance induced state. Both theirs and your own. Meeting quality people drinking is always tricky that way. Which is why I don’t party as much as I once did. I have much fewer friends now but the ones I have are of high quality. I’d rather create art or treat myself to a 5 star meal than get loaded any day. However, every once in a while it’s fun to tie one on. I didn’t feel as much like an outsider as I have going out solo here before. So that was a plus! I recommend you try a Couchsurfing Meet-Up if your out of other options and tired of going out solo. I will probably only use it for TJ when I’m not traveling. I don’t have an issue meeting people anywhere else but here.

The Best Place To Get Lobster In Baja California Norte
On Sunday I got out of the city and ended up at Puerto Nuevo for dinner. This is bar none the best place that you can find Lobster here in Baja Norte. It’s a beautiful drive by day and the town is incredibly quaint. I’ve been going to this place for 5 years. Specifically I always go to Angel Del Mar.
There will be a lot of people barking at you trying desperately to get you into their restaurant. The reason I choose Angel del Mar is not only for its gorgeous views (In the day as I went at night) but for it’s service. They don’t have guys they pay to hassle people to get into their place on the streets. They are a genuine spot and the service is friendly, welcoming and on point.
They are also small pet friendly

The Carne & Lobster Dinner $22

It’s not a fine dining experience but it’s an experience. Have I had better lobster, yes. Have I had better carne, also yet. However, I’m hard pressed to find any service that’s not overly pushy in Puerto Nuevo that’s better than this.

I hope that Metal Mouth Style shows you how to make the best out of any situation. I chose to move to Tijuana. I was living a lifestyle living in Los Angeles that was far beyond my means. Pedicures in Beverly Hills followed by lunch at Chateau Marmont is incredible. However, my rent being over 1500/month with a roommate to be in a nice area was not. Now when I return to LA to see friends I can actually afford the luxuries that would put me over budget in the past. That’s why I came here. To live within my current means while I build out my online businesses and create Metal Art along the way. 
Until my new Metal Art project is un-veiled in 2020 on my Youtube Series “This Week In Metal” here are my last looks of the week!
Animal Prints Are All The Rage In Survival Mode

Style Breakdown:
Top Sam & Lavi TJ Flea Market: (Retail $70) $4
Hat Nine West DTLA: $10
Total Look Cost: $18

Deserted With My Dog

Style Breakdown:
Hat TJ Garage Sale: $1
Shoes Los Americans Outlet Mall: $5
Total Look Cost: $10

We’ll see you here next week for more Metal Mouth Style. Sound off in the comments section below on your favorite parts about today’s article or your ideas for future posts. 
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