How Climate Change Will Change Your Life & Your Style

In the last Metal Mouth Style post we discussed what it was like living though fire season. Which is officially the fifth season of the West Coast. I find it important to follow-up on that post with some thoughts on how climate change is impacting my lifestyle and yours. From what we wear to where we live things are changing at a rapid pace. Let’s try to keep up shall we? This week we will be talking about the following:

                                     1. The best places to live during climate change
                                     2. What climate change means for your personal style
                                     3. My top 3 personal style moments of the week

                                      The Best Places To Live During Climate Change
The main thing we now (me included living on the West Coast) need to reconsider is living anywhere near a coastal region. Sea levels are rising. I run the beaches of Tijuana every week and in my 2 years here I have noticed a significant change in the amount of beach left. The tide gets closer to the land every day and it’s starting to impact the infrastructure of the beach front properties. Constantly I see dirt piles from pieces of land falling apart making the land unstable for a homes. If that’s in only 2 years of me living here in Baja California what do the next five look like?

Source: El Imparcial

In the past month we have suffered immense damage, pollution & fires due to the Santa Ana Winds. Here is a video below of my experience Oct.30th.2019 where schools were shut down due to pollution.

I will be relocating in the next 1-2 years and leaving the West Coast. I have loved living in a mostly tepid climate but it’s just not worth it in the long-term between fire season, extreme drought and sea level instability. Longer term thinking needs to move us to where we live in this world and why. Here’s a list of your best bets to survive in an ever-changing landscape. 

                        – Central Canada (Ontario, Quebec, possibly Manitoba)
                        – U.S.A States least affected are Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin,                                        Massachusetts, and Colorado. Basically half the population of LA will have to go                                back to where they came from.
                        – North-Central European States (Latvia, Estonia)
                        – Ireland
                        – Greenland 

Our new thought process.. Where do places have access to water?. Where is there the highest elevation to beat the heat & remove flood risk? There is no perfect place to live anymore but there are lower risk areas to consider for the future.

                                     What Climate Change Means For Your Personal Style

One thing we can all immediately do before we buy anything new is to stop supporting fast fashion by dressing trendy.

Don’t run to H&M or Forever 21 for your fashion needs (or at least significantly reduce how much you buy at these places). I refuse to buy those 2 brands when I come across them at flea markets (where I do most of my shopping). Their poorly made, too trendy and everyone has it. Out of all fast fashion brands those are my personal no’s. Until the textile industry gets it’s act together we can change how we shop now. We can’t be perfect ( I have some Zara, Guess & Gap and that’s fast fashion) but we can alter a few things to bring about longer term change in trends. Think more about vintage shopping. I live for vintage shopping. I always have and always will. New, Like new or lightly used items are your key points when vintage shopping.

Our clothes need to have at least 3 lives. New, Used, & Up-cycled before they die.

I found a gently used Michael Kors platform heels & a black Sweater from Nordstrom Rack at a Garage Sale in TJ

Vintage doesn’t have to mean low-end either if you still live for a luxury brand. That’s where the Consignment store comes in. You can get those bigger ticket items less than the retail cost while not playing as big a part in production waste.

Hindsight is always 20/20 in life. We gain better perspective when a situation has passed. That same concept applies to our personal style and trends. This is why I buck all trends and go for what works for me. When vintage shopping you get to really look back on past trends that failed. Be more selective with buying pieces that are more timeless and better suited to your personal style signature.

Be picky! It’s not about how many items you have it’s about how may ways you can put those items together. How long will they last you? One wear or ten? I’m constantly downsizing/donating my wardrobe. This ensures I am wearing what I have and makes room for new items to add to my style arsenal.

                                                My Top 3 Style Moments Of The Week

If I Was A Rich Girl…I’d Hire Private Fire Fighters

Click to enlarge

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Style Breakdown:
Dress Alice & Olivia TJ Flea Market: (Retail $500) $4
Faux Fur Duster TJ Strip Mall: $5
Bag TJ Street Shop: $3
Total Look Cost: $12
Woven In Westerly Winds
Click to enlarge


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Style Breakdown:
Jacket Zara Morocco Creations of Lily Boutique: $4
Jumpsuit Michael Kors TJ Flea Market: (Retail $150) $7
Shoes Nine West TJ Garage Sale: (Retail $200) $4 
Total Look Cost: $20

Fall Never Comes In Fall Anymore…
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Style Breakdown:
Dress Creations Of Lily Boutique (DIY Lace Straps): $3
Cardi-Shawl Paris Boutique: $5
Bag Relic TJ Street Shop: $4
Total Look Cost: $16
We’ll see you here next week for more Metal Mouth Style. Sound off in the comments section below on your favorite parts about today’s article or your ideas for future posts. 
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