Staying Sane & In Style During A Sinister Fire Season

Since the last Metal Mouth Style post Baja California Norte has had insanely high temperatures and endured its worst state fires in history. Over this past weekend there where over 160 fires in my area. The nearest being only a 10 minute drive south of me in Playas De Rosarito. The highway that connects my area of Playas De Tijuana to the rest of Baja California closed for the first time. That’s how close this came to my current home. Hundreds of people where evacuated and almost 100 homes burned with several deaths. Shit go real people. This week we’re going to get into a few things listed below based on current events both in Baja California & California:
                                                1. What to do during Fire Season
                                                2. What not to do during fire season
                                                3. My top 3 looks during the Fall heatwave
I want to start by saying that despite the intense fire situation the murder rate continues to rise in Tijuana. The city could be on fire and street gangs, thugs the mentally deranged will still be killing each other over greed until there is no city left to kill in. This is a highly unnerving reality of the landscape here. It’s something your average citizen does not like to discuss (almost as if it’s Tijuana’s Taboo) because most are totally desensitized to the violence in their community. I am not. I never will be. I will always shed light on the reality of this environment whether it be good, bad or ugly. 

  What To Do During Fire Season 
– Have an escape plan ready. Collaborate with someone in your neighborhood to have a place to meet if you get evacuated to travel together. There’s safety in numbers.
– Keep a small bag packed. You can’t bring your whole home. Nothing matters more than your life in these moments. Have a small carry on packed with necessities (toiletries, spare clothes, pet food, bottled water) and leave it near your door to grab if you need to evacuate.  
– Notify friends/family nearest to your community outside of the burn area. Have a place to go to make your next move in the worst case scenario. Knowing where your going to evacuate keeps you off the roads for extended periods of time going from Point A to Point B. 
– Constantly check your local news outlet throughout the day. Ignorance is not bliss in this type of scenario. In Tijuana I have El Imparicial open all day to refresh it until the Santa Ana winds pass. It’s by far the most updated site there is here. Don’t rely on Social Networks. Go straight to your local news source for updates in Baja California. 
What Not To Do During Fire Season

Source: Mexico News Daily
– Do NOT work out outdoors. If your train a lot like I do it’s really hard to not run or do our daily training routine. However, with all the chemicals in the air from what’s being burned your best bet is to train indoors and for shorter periods of time until the smoke clears.
– Do NOT assume your safe. Even if you’re not in the burn area keep your eye on the news updates. With these types of Santa Ana winds no one is safe or secure in these areas. If there’s fire in your state that means you too are at risk no matter how many miles away it may seem at the moment.
– Do NOT use your BBQ, Fire-pits, burn garbage or throw cigarette butts anywhere outdoors. 
– Do NOT let your home exteriors collect debris. Remove all dead leaves, foliage, junk and unnecessary items from your yards. The more debris outside of your home the more that can burn.
Source: East County Magazine
So, what’s the bright-side now? We are still in a state of high alert from Oct.30th until Nov.2nd with another big Santa Ana wind storm on route. One thing I do know is that if all my things burned replacing my wardrobe will be simple. I learned a long time ago how to get the look for less and that’s what I preach here every week on Metal Mouth Style. It’s not what you wear or how much it costs it’s how you put it all together.
Temperatures stayed in the 100’s having me extend my Summer wardrobe very late into Fall. It was smokey, I cut my work out time in half and not at all outdoors but I stayed in style.
My Top 3 Looks Of The Week

I Love Flowers In The Fall

Style Breakdown:

Floral Dress TJ Garage Sale: $5
Shoes Franco Sarto Creations of Lily: (Retail $120) $5
Rhinestone Bag TJ Street Shop: $7
Total Look Cost: $17

Ethereal Elegance

Style Breakdown:

2 Piece Skirt & Blouse TJ Garage Sale: $2.50
Straw Hat TJ Garage Sale: $1
Total Look Cost: $7.50

Grecian Gothic Goddess

Style Breakdown:
Tank TJ Flea Market: $3
Skirt  TJ Boutique: $5
Gladiator Sandals TJ Street Shop: $3
Handmade Mexican Hat TJ Flea Market: $3
Total Look Cost: $14

So long as California (My puppy) and Baja California don’t burn any further we’ll see you here next week for more Metal Mouth Style. Even if it does burn.. “Top 3 Looks To Wear When Your Dead” could be the next post. Dig it? Sound off in the comments section below. 
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