Botox, Burgers, Boats and Beaches.. Oh My!

Yup! I’m covering all of the above it today’s highly obscure title on Metal Mouth Style today. My life is incredibly random and a constant mix and match of culture, food, life & style. Your coming with me over the course of a few days between Tijuana and San Diego. In today’s blog we are will cover the following:

                                        1. The wonders of preventative Botox & it’s effectiveness
                                        2. The best burger in Tijuana
                                        3. My puppies first boat trip in San Diego
                                        4. Beach fitness that beats a Gym membership

Let’s start with Botox which I started at the very end of July 2019. It’s been around for decades (almost 30 years now) yet it amazes me how much of a stigma is still attached to it. I myself struggled with whether I would even post about it publicly to avoid scrutiny. Whenever Women try to better themselves aesthetically it’s always looked at as “cheating” before it’s accepted as simple self preservation. I’m of the mindset that we’ve been programmed to think of self preservation tactics as gaming the system. Mostly due to other women constantly passing judgment upon those who want to/do invest in their looks. Yes, beauty is only skin deep. Doing the work inside should be what comes first before you start on your appearance. However, that’s not to say that we have to choose one or the other as we’re constantly made to feel. Articles like this written for InStyle really grind my gears. It manages to polarize preserving one’s skin while still young and makes preventive Botox look like a total scam. The girl writing the InStyle article herself had never even tried Botox. How can one comment on the positives or negatives unless you’ve tried it yourself?

Left is Before Botox when squinting/Right is After Botox when squinting

I’m here to tell you and show you that preventative Botox is not a scam as mentioned on Self magazine! Why? Because I fucking tried twice now it and it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made into my skin care routine. I’m also really glad I waited until I was 35  to start using Botox and started small. This way I am not trying to freeze my entire face. I really like where I’m at right now and would prefer to stay this way for the remainder of my years on Earth. When I started to notice some fine lines around my eyes and upper brows when making more tense facial expressions I wanted to curb it. Botox is a fine line. Too soon/much and you loose all expression in your face. Too late and you never get back your once more youthful appearance and just look “done”. For that reason I’m sharing my first foray into Preventative Botox with you in today’s video below.

My girl Kristen Cantwell at Vitality Aesthetic in San Diego I would say is one of if not the best in town. I did some extensive Botox Doctor shopping to ensure I would get someone who wouldn’t over do it just to make more money. When I first moved to Tijuana none of the spa’s staff I went to spoke any English. To top it off the prices they quoted me in Tijuana where out of this world ($500 per session of Botox). I knew I didn’t need/want that much Botox and I also didn’t feel comfortable having anything done to my face in a place with an already horrible reputation for plastic surgery/enhancements.

This is why I went searching in San Diego to ensure my first experience would be a good one. With Kirsten I really enjoy her candor and professionalism. The two times I’ve now been in for sessions (the side of my eyes & upper brow area) I feel like I’m more so going to catch up with a new friend than get anything done. She really knows what she’s doing to make just the right subtle difference in your face. Go in for a refresh rather than a reset. As with everything in life (especially Botox) use it in moderation paired with a great skin care regime at home everyday.

Click to enlarge

                                                                     Style Breakdown:

                                                                    Dress Creations of Lily: $5
                                                                    Blazer TJ Street Shop: $4
                                                                    Shoes Agaci : $5
                                                                    Bag Kate Spade Creations of Lily: $4
                                                                    Total Look Cost: $18

Now that you’ve seen what I put in my face it’s time to show you what I put in my mouth. That would be the best burger in all of Tijuana! When I find food I love I have to share it. Living in Tijuana there’s tons of great places to eat but equally a lot of bad one’s. The one thing I have had the hardest time finding here is a proper burger and fries. One that doesn’t come on a soggy, bleached sugar bun with a frozen patty and frozen fries. Generally speaking Mexican’s aren’t known for their great American cuisine renditions. I’ve been all through downtown and the central regions trying to find a burger at countless places. Little did I know that in the beach town I live in was the best one in Tijuana. Enter Porters Sports Pub which just so happens to be pet friendly on the outside patio area.

Killer bun, Patties and Fries made in house
Click to enlarge
Here is my full look from last Friday’s puppy lunch date below:
Click to enlarge

                                                                 Style Breakdown:

                                                                 Dress TJ Street Shop: $5
                                                                 Hat Creations of Lily: $5
                                                                 Shoes Agaci: $5
                                                                 Bag TJ Street Shop: $15
                                                                 Total Look Cost: $30

As promised in the title next up is all about Boats! Specifically my puppy California’s first boat ride. which I had to document. We went into San Diego on Saturday to spend the afternoon on the water starting at Shelter Island. Our Captain Rob was awesome with his informative tour and giving me some insight into his life story centered around the Sea. He’s got an awesome personality and really made the trip across the border worth it for me that day. The Rolling Stones shuffle on Spotify was our Saturday Soundtrack for the day and could not have suited the vibe better. 

Click to enlarge
California did awesome as well. No sea sickness, no jumping over board, no unexpected bathroom breaks, and no whining. She was pretty happy just chilling in the shade with a bone. So far she is a pro on both land and sea and it’s been less than 2 weeks since I rescued her. One thing I know for sure is that California does not miss her former home with how well she’s fit into my traveling lifestyle. Road dog for life.
Click to enlarge
                                                                    Style Breakdown:
                                                                    Dress Creations of Lily: $4
                                                                    Purse TJ Street Shop: $15
                                                                    Shoes Prada TJ Flea Market: $4
                                                                    Hat Creations of Lily: $5
                                                                    Total Look Cost: $28

Post boat tour I checked out yet another awesome dog friendly bar in San Diego! This one is much more upscale than last weeks post but just as friendly. From the front of house to the bartenders everyone at Nolita Hall was very happy to make sure everyone got what they needed. The decor is awesome with an indoor/outdoor motif. The bar patrons are not down home types but they are mostly local and mostly friendly easy to strike up bar chatter with. I really like the area it’s in being Little Italy for an escape from the typical Downtown crowd. Drinking with my dog makes me really happy.

Click to enlarge

This also marks the place that California became a food snob. I have her mostly on special puppy food right now but once she got a whiff of the Marina sauce on the meatball I ordered.. Shit got real. She thoroughly enjoyed licking it off a piece of bread while on my lap. Somehow I managed to keep my white dress intact that entire day between Boat, Bar and Dog. Press play for an interior tour below.

After a couple days of leisure like this I have to kick my ass on the beach to make the downtime worth it. I get immense work out guilt if more than a day or two pass without me hitting my cardio/yoga routine. It’s taken me a year to find a tried and true routine that works for me better than any trainer/gym can. Truth be told I’ve never been a gym rat. I always went for at home Yoga or private lessons instead of classes my entire life. Since moving to Tijuana living blocks away from the beach I wanted to step up my routine to include outdoor training. Doing anything everyday gets monotonousness after a while, especially physical exercise. That’s why three days a week I get out on the beach for a 30 minute run followed by cliff hiking and then cliff side Yoga. If I was to only do this routine and eat right 90% of the time I don’t need to do much else. Not bragging here just showing you that consistency is key to staying/getting fit. Input vs. Output it’s really that simple. Of course, I push it and do typically work out 5 days a week. However, it’s nice to finally get into a routine that works for the size and strength your most happy at without having to feel like you have to break yourself to stay conditioned. Not to mention. It’s free to train outdoors and you get to be close to the mother of all natures.

Click to enlarge

                                                                     Style Breakdown:
                                                                     2 Piece Set Waldo’s: $5
                                                                     Shoes Reebok TJ Street Shop: $8
                                                                     Hat Aliexpress: $3
                                                                     Total Look Cost: $16

In closing I hope you find your own balance between self care, self preservation and self love while not being a total narcissist and getting outside of yourself as much as humanely possible. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do for most. However, I’m not here to cater to most people. I could care less what most people do or think. I’m here to cater to the select few of you who read along each week and enjoy an alternative perspective on mainstream (and some not so mainstream) topics. In today’s day and age where everyone thinks their famous and cooler than they are based on a highlight reel of their life on social media it’s very fucking necessary.

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