Consumerism Is Killing Us Quicker Than The Coronavirus

Hello loyal readers. Instead of feeding into the main topic of Coronoavirus ( which if we’re being honest no one knows anything about) on everyone’s minds I want to pivot into a deeper disease of our mindsets. Consumerism, and why it’s become a detriment to our society. Currently we see people panic buying as though their the only one’s in need of food/water/essentials. Fuck the world! I want everything I want now in mass amounts. Mass amounts of things I likely won’t end up using or at least not for a long time. This my friends is consumerism at its absolute worst we are seeing play out in chronological order on a world stage. It’s vile and nauseates me to see people buying far more than they need.  It’s everything Metal Mouth Style stands against. It’s not sustainable, it’s wasteful and it infringes on other people’s opportunities.

Salude to the shitshow 

The whole point of posting my outfit styling each week is not to show off. It’s to show you that anyone can look luxe for a quarter of the price while also consuming with caution. Not consuming to just to consume which only creates waste. Consume sustainably by shopping not in trend but in focus. Stay close to your local community, benefit small businesses, give clothes a 2nd or 3rd lifespan and up-cycle used goods. We can’t always find sustainable options ( no one is perfect ) but we can do the most we can. Be cautious of how much we spend and what brands we spend our money on.

Let me break this all down in the most simplistic common sense format. If everyone was to apply this now to their lives there would be no reason to get in line, waste your life/money, and panic buy. Which mind you are inevitably going to happen based on human history. To which degrees will always be unknown. Keep that in mind to better prepare yourself in the future since everyone royally fucked this up this round. Next round let’s consider everyone instead of only oursevles/immediate families. It’s vile, narrsicist and rude to humanity as a whole.

Why You Should Not Over Consume Products

– When you buy more than you currently need you end up with more waste.
– High consumption rates lead to excessive pollution from mass manufacturing.
– High consumption leads to increased toxicity in the environment killing biodiversity of essential eco-systems across land & sea.
– When you create a higher demand than average for products you put a strain on the supply chain and the environment simultaneously.

Soriana, Tijuana, Mexico Mar.13.2020

– It takes much longer for supplies to be restocked which puts others at a disadvantage who need things now!

Eggs are gone everywhere Emilias Mercado, Tijuana, Mexico  Mar.19.2020

– Over consumption is the same psychosis of having a shopping/gambling addiction. It’s a false sense of comfort that only provides temporary relief during check out time. 
– Your wasting your money on excess material things that should be in your savings.

Your best served not standing in lines of potentially infected people at a bank where money is the filithiest of all substances we touch everyday. BBVA, Tijuana, Mar.20.2020

– By spending excessive amounts of money consuming goods you force others to have to stock up more than usual in fear of continued over consumption. Further straining the supply chain.

Going, Going.. all the meat is almost gone. Mar.19.2020 Emilias Mercado, Tijuana, Mexico

– By creating excessive demand ( instead of being patient & sensible ) you play a direct role in driving up prices for all.
– Prince increases based on excessive demand make it nearly impossible for anyone at a lower income level than you to obtain goods they normally would purchase affordably. 
– When you stay calm, don’t go into panic mode, and buy what you need not what you fear of running out of you keep the supply chain stable and the market price fair & balanced for all.
– Over-consumption of food leads to obesity, heart problems, hypertension and the list goes on..
– Over-consumption of clothing leads to a mass amount of textile waste and an increase in toxic air/water pollution.
– Over-consumption of toilet paper leads to you looking like your just full of shit.
In one week from Mar.13th-Mar.20th the Toilet Paper supply is dwindling. Waldo’s, Tijuana, Mexico

Now let’s end on a pretty and positive note with the look of the week. Mostly sourced locally here in Tijuana at flea markets and small businesses… shall we.
Looking Fancy for a Fraction of the Price

Style Breakdown:

Velvet Jacket Banana Replublic (Retail $100) Creations Lily Vintage Boutique: $3
Grey Turtleneck Sweater Creations of Lily Vintage Boutique: $2
Pants Los Americas Outlet Mall: $6
Shoes Prada (Retail $800) Tijuana Flea Market: $4
Total Look Cost: $15

Let me know how your living more sustainbly during times of crisis in the comments or on social.

 About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Metal Artist living in Tijuana. I also adore writing. Specifically about life, style and sustainability .

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