Lost Highway & The Fine Art of David Lynch

Hello loyal readers, let’s talk about music this week. Most specifically my music you probably know absolutely nothing about. Last Summer I released my first album called “Screw You”. A few weeks ago I released my first music video off that album titled “Socket Screw” and then I go so wrapped up in other things I forgot to talk about it. Typical artist fail. I’ve been notorious  for burying the lead to anyone who has ever known me. This is me trying to reverse the past mistake of not talking enough about my work, but first, you must actually watch the video to read past this point. In 3..2…

Now that you’ve seen my latest creation made at home let’s dissect what inspired this deranged shadow ride in the dark shall we…
But First.. David Lynch

All hail David fucking Lynch

I owe the entire inspiration behind “Socket Screw You” to David Lynch. Bar none one of my favorite directors to ever grace planet earth. It’s because of the visual masterpiece that is Lost Highway is which made me see the world through a more deranged perspective. Being damaged is ok, in fact there is great beauty in such things, as long as you don’t let your damage destroy you. It can become what makes you beautiful. That’s what I’ve learned from watching the films of David Lynch. 

If you watch an interview with Lynch you can see he’s not only an incredibly deep thinker but also very at peace with himself. Listening to his music he creates further cements these points. The soundscapes he creates for your ears to drift off into a deep midnight sleep at any hour of the day… some of the most pleasurable moments in my life. 
Lost Highway Lighting

In regards to lighting this scene in the movie when Pete comes home after getting morphed into another humans aura… Or so it seems..
If you look closely at Sheila her legs has two sets of shadows at once from the car headlights
His use of the headlights constantly being a prevailing theme throughout the film ties it together so perfectly. I wanted to emulate the shadows that headlights cause by putting myself in front of my own lights and using my shadow in the back ground to capture my performance. Instead of being in front of the camera. Being in front of the camera yet behind it at the same time was important for me to push my creativity. 
Now you see me… now you don’t
Creepy Cameraman Feelings
The tone of the video is very eery and similar how it felt to see the Mystery Man constantly filming the main couple throughout the movie. In all reality Robert Blake who plays the Mystery Man simultaneously filming and playing voyeur is already creepy in his natural state.
In my mind I felt that Mystery Man was capturing people in the most depraved of states. This is why I wanted the camera to capture me in my most obscure state while performing music.
Nude Scene

An ode to my days as a model and an ode to Renee’s character in the movie. Being filmed in the nude was really important to me for this video. It symbolizes how raw I feel when I’m performing music. Music makes me feel naked. Even when I’m not and that is why I love it. Anything that makes you feel stripped is something you need to be doing more of in this life. 
Instead of being sexually nude I wanted to be strong while being nude. It’s important we as a people start to make that distinction. Women being nude is not about sex. It’s about sexuality. Meaning what sex you are exposing you are. Not that you are wanting to have sex. That is an act that is entirely separate. In “Socket Screw You” I amplified the strength that being nude and more importantly being comfortable nude can capture.
In Closing

If you haven’t seen Lost Highway by now add it to your must see list immediately. If you like my writing you’ll love this film. It’s a far out trip into a mind fucked world where no one comes back unscathed. It’s a world where I come back to visit on an annual basis. I can’t go past 12 months without trying to figure out exactly what is going on in this David Lynch film. It’s the drugs without the drugs, the psychedelics without the total escape from reality.  The beauty of David Lynch is that every time you watch his films they will take on a whole new meaning depending on what state of mind you are in, and that is fucking fabulous. It never gets old. 
Leave a comment below with your favorite Lynch film.

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