Emmy’s 2020 Are Boring But, Let’s Focus On The Best In Black Fashion

If your anything like me both the concept of celebrity and celebrity culture nauseates you. The Hollywood machine is simply a copy/paste version of high school lunchroom schematics exploited into adulthood then turned into 3 hour-long award shows televised. However, I will say the only thing about celebrities that stimulate me is how they dress. Or, should I say how their stylists dress them. Very few people have their own personal style in the industry without teams of helpers. (By very few I mean the only 1 is Dita Von Teese as far as I know). Yet another reason I prefer to hang with real people living on planet earth making their own style choices everyday. The best style you’re ever going to see is on the street by worn by people you will most likely never know. That to me is the most mysterious thing that changes fashion into style.

This year the people of color took the fashion show in my opinion. Which is why I’m putting a spotlight on those looks in specific.

Let’s run down my best of the 2020 Emmy Awards. I’m a day late on this because I was hungover on Sunday after a kickass weekend with friends (worth it!) and not scrolling through the internet waiting for these looks to run down the virtual red carpets.

Best Dressed Emmy’s 2020 Looks


First up is Zendaya. She won for Euphoria which was a killer show this past year. This gets my best dressed. She manages to look like an actual award in this hour-glass framed look. Tres 80’s and glam but still modern with the slicked back hair and bold Bulgari jewels. Dress by Christopher John Rogers.


H.E.R, Yes bitch, loving the modern adaptation of the classic Chinese cheongsam. This look is also by Vera Wang (One of my favorite designers). Who despite being one of the tops of the tops in fashion still manages to be totally cool and a gal about town you’d want to go to dinner with.

Regina King

Regina King is in a sky blue dream. It shows off her legs beautifully, and those legs we need to see shown off more often. I had no idea she was so toned. This is Schiaparelli Couture and this is what couture is. Elegant, fantastical and dream-like.

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox seems to really be coming into her own with style (with her team of course). At first I never saw her in anything but Bodycon dresses on the red carpet when she first gained notoriety for her role in Orange Is The New Black. This jumpsuit is perfection. The faux tattoos manages to be edgy and not cheesy. The layers are fantastic and the sheer meets opaque is an eye pleaser. Dress by Kim Kassas.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington I never would have thought that leopard print sequins with black beading would be an elegant look. This could be borderline real housewives style but it’s chic. This is a very wearable moment for dinner or the holiday season to get out of all black look. Also the emerald-green earrings are a nice juxtaposition. Dress by Luis Vuitton.

Tracy Ellis Ross

Tracy Ellis Ross in gold lame ruffles is disco inferno. The peek-a-boo let moment and side-boob works to show just enough but not too much skin simultaneously. If Kale where gold and perfectly tailoered it would like like this. I like Kale so I have no issue with that at all.

Billy Porter

Billy Porter is the definition of glamazon. This is a timeless piece that has no year. The only thing you need to know is that this is the future. The draping, the pleats, the stacked platform heel. An all white American alien wonder. Oh, and it’s all custom. The highest form of couture.

Yvonne Orji

Yvonne Orji is looking like a Wine Red wonder. The satin panels help make this not just another sequin dress. Also the color tone is perfect for Fall. I dig the natural hair choice as opposed to the wigs we have become accustomed to seeing her wear on “Insecure”. She looks like a supermodel here, not an actor. Dress by Azzi & Osta.

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