How To Stay Stylish In Montreal By Shopping Local

Every-time I move to a new city I always need to re-build my wardrobe. I tend to acquire a lot of clothes when I live in one place for an extended period of time. I’m a reformed clothes hoarder and I’ve learned the hard way by thousands of wasted dollars to no longer buy things I will never wear. However, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy having a robust wardrobe to pull looks from. This makes moving a bit of a bitch because you can’t take all your clothes with you. I always end up donating half my wardrobe to a local charity and fitting everything I can into 3 suitcases and a carry-on. This was no different when I moved to Montreal in June after 3 years in Mexico.

It’s easy to find a thrift store. A thrift store is a shop that runs on donations by others, usually with a portion of the proceeds going towards bettering the community. Those are a dime a dozen in any major city. You can snag some killer finds there and I highly recommend them for my fellow vintage fiends. However, a proper vintage shop that’s well-curated can be more difficult to come across depending on what area you live in. The difference between vintage shopping and thrifting is that a vintage shop will specialize in rare-one-of-a-kind pieces that are hand-picked by the shop owner. Instead of spending hours sorting through racks to hopefully find 1 high quality item the owner of a vintage shop has already done that work for you. You will pay a higher price point for this service but it can be well worth it if you find the right shop.

In my case, that place is Rudston Brown in Montreal. The owner Amanda is always incredibly welcoming will give honest opinions on fits that compliment your body shape and has an impressive knowledge of textiles and tailoring. These are things that are seriously lacking from today’s world of insta-trends, fast fashion, and textile waste. Your hashtags aren’t changing the world your actions are and by shopping local, you can put back into your own community and foster real-life connections with small business owners.

Interior of Rudston Brown

I recently asked Amanda a few questions about her shop. Read on below for some insight and my go-to for vintage style in Montreal.

1.  How did you first discover vintage clothing?

A. I discovered vintage at the thrift stores in my teens with my sister by my side and finding the INCREDIBLE things that we took for granted then! Now those pieces are few and far between…

2. When did you open Rudston Brown & how have you seen your business change through the years?

A. I opened Rudston-Brown in 2014 when the commercial space opened up. I decided to put a vintage store there while walking by the empty pace holding 2 extra-large bags from the Sally Ann .

3. What is your favorite thing about Montreal?

A. The best thing about Montréal is the diverse population. It makes the city very rich and Interesting .. I think Montreal’s complicated and and sometimes scandalous history gives it so much of its character to this day.
I also love great vintage architecture from the beautiful high end Westmount and Outremont houses to the Point St Charles and st Henri working-class ones.

4. Any advice for fellow vintage junkies in regards to curating their own shops whether it be online or brick & mortar?

A. There are so many good and varied models for a vintage shop but I’d say the number one thing would be to stock it with what you love and go for quality. Being flexible and adaptable with your customers also goes a long way.

Find your next full vintage look from tops, bottoms, and accessories while being environmentally conscious.

In Closing

If you’re not in Montreal you can still shop at Rudston Brown online here. I started vintage shopping/thrifting at the age of fourteen. It’s really made my style stand out from the masses and there’s not a day that goes by when I wear vintage that I don’t get compliments on my look. There is something so elegant about a garment that can withstand the test of time while retaining its original quality. Age can be sexy friends and I implore you to find your local vintage shop and establish a connection with the owner. It’s a vibe, what can I say.

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