Top 5 Best Dressed Horror Movie Villains Of All Time

Tis the season to be spooky. Hands down my favorite time of year is Halloween. From cable-knit sweaters to leather it’s time for layering which is the best way to show off one’s personal style. This is why it’s the perfect time to list the “Top 5 Best-dressed Horror Movie Villains Of All Time“. As we lock down we are watching more movies than ever. If you haven’t seen these films yet be sure to add them to your list and read on below for your best dressed. My top pick may surprise you.

5. Jack Torrance – The Shining

On days where most people are wearing sweatpants at home, I yearn for the years of thick cable-knit sweaters and fitted worn-in jeans. Jack Torrance was king of casual Dad style. Don’t underestimate his flannel button-down shirt because it’s covered by a chic suede bomber jacket. Now watch as he sits at the bar, being served by ghosts diving deeper into his own insanity while looking effortlessly cool.

4. PennywiseIt

1990… Before his makeover It looked like any ‘ol clown at Party City

A gender-bending freakshow. Pennywise isn’t just any clown, especially not the updated 21st-century version. He took a typical clown costume and made it avant-garde. Exaggerated collars, puffy sleeves, tiered paneling, and flouncing cuff lines. 1990 It has nothing on 2017.

After 2017.. A fashion statement

3. Pinhead – Hellraiser

Before 50 Shades of Grey made BDSM culture for bored suburban housewives. Prior to Madonna bringing it to the masses in the 90’s there was Clive Barker. Diving deep into the dark arts and fetish fashion staples. Long trench cloaks with peek-a-boo belly button cut-outs. Pinhead was truly ahead of his time when it came to gender-bending bondage attire.

Leather Daddy… Google It

2. Candyman

Say his name five times in front of a mirror and he just might let you borrow his winter jacket. Is that not how it goes? Candyman doesn’t get enough credit for his fashion stance. He had a uniform, it takes serious stamina to be able to wear the same outfit over, and over again yet still be scary. Not only was this outfit functional for cold weather approaching it was also very stylish. A full-length wool coat lined and trimmed with caramel-toned shearling. The coat also has a hood option in the back when you really want to lurk in the shadows unseen. This puts your Canada Goose puffy jacket to shame my friends. Why look the same when you can be different?

My dry-cleaning bill is atrocious but worth it for every kill

Sil – Species

Watch your back boys…

Even in monster form, Sil had such an incredible figure based on the sculptural/design work of H.R Giger. A real visionary in the dark arts. This to date is the only lead villain in the horror genre who is just as sexy in human/alien/monster form. When she wasn’t hunting men to breed with she was always dressed to impress. The first thing Sil did when she arrived in LA (her final destination) to find her prey to mate with and spread her Alien seed was… Shopping!

Captured on my phone because you can’t find this movie still anywhere on Google.. Womp Womp

She truly understood what it meant to put your best foot forward in order to gain confidence in getting what you want. Ladies, take notes. Minus the whole man-eating part of course.

Sil moonlighting as a brunette for the evening in a bondage strapped dress
Sunset Boulevard Ethereal Style
Wearing a Fanny Pack before it was trendy and not giving a shit. Attitude darlings.
Making royal blue neck and chest straps in a Science lab look like an outfit. Amazing Sil!

In Closing

2020 marks a hell of a year for us all. As spooky as movies can seem the truth is much stranger than fiction. As one who loved celebrating this time of year by going out to parties/events I too will now be staying home. This doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Use this as an excuse to wear something totally outrageous just to break up the monotony of staying inside every day. Let’s get creative with how we are festive while being considerate of others. Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, whatever platforms you use, use them. Have a virtual party with friends to feel a little less alone.

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