Tom Ford At His Best

In last week’s post, I ripped the new Tom Ford 2020 collection to shreds. Deservedly so mind you. However, the reason I was able to rip that collection to shreds is that I’ve been around long enough to remember when Tom Ford was great. From when he was at the helm of Gucci and turned that brand around from near bankruptcy to then start his own label. Not only just great, borderline visionary. There are no gods on this earth and idol worship is dangerous and tragic. Yet, if there where Tom Ford at his best would have been right up there.

This week I’m going to give credit with my favorite fashion moments by Tom Ford over the years. Scroll down below for some serious eye candy and enjoy it!

Amber Valetta in her hay day! The simple yet elegant detail of a leather bow tie took this crispy white jacket to another level. That high fold-over collar. This is how you look hot in the cold.
This emerald green satin strapped number always reminded me of an upside-down peacock. In the best way possible of course! The layering of fringe at the bottom of the dress was reminiscent of a razor cut hairstyle done by a top Beverly Hills stylist. Sharp, chic, and modern.
Tom Ford for Gucci moment of moments people! The vertical side slit was the first time I’d seen this cut jump into the mainstream in the mid-90s. This was the defining line between “slutty” and sexy. Sultry elegance darlings. Forever.
Again for Gucci. The use of the gold jewelry with the oval opening falling directly on the hip bone. This dress lets everyone know you are not wearing any underwear in the most seductive way possible. Again, straddling that fine line between what is sexy and slutty. Blurring those lines for a sexual revolution in cocktail attire.
Butt cleavage! Yes, please! I never see enough of this cut butt I love it so. It takes a lot of confidence to pull off a cut like this but confidence is just what the world needs more of! This lets you have a peek-a-boo moment without letting it all hangout.
Monochromatic, velvet, plush, and sharply tailored to perfection. This collection showed is all how important layering is in Fall/Winter. Equally, it shows us how important fit is. You don’t have to show any skin at all to be sexy. It’s all relative when you wear the right fit. Tailoring is everything and so are the textiles we use to build a look.
If I were Austin Powers I would call this look “Shagadelic baby Yeah!”. It’s decadent, edgy, and erotic all at once time. Leather with feathers and leopard prints in between. The use of a matching leather corset underneath makes this look clean while the feathers make it fantastical. It’s a great Fall moment to get inspiration from.

In Closing

I love Tom Ford, I just really loathed his latest collection. I want to see him do more of this in the future. I want to be surprised again. Write now it seems like even fashion is at standstill and it’s time for us all to start moving forward. Get smarter about how these garments are made, where are we sourcing our material, is it renewable, and can high-end luxury retailers upcycle in order to make their future collections more sustainable?

In my future fantasy, Tom Ford takes on these challenges and shows us how fashion, function, and environment can collide in a positively far-out way.

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