How To Wear Your BDSM Harness As A Layer of Clothing

This week I’m drawing some inspiration from BDSM culture but not at all in a 50 Shades of Grey way. Also, one of the worst takes on BDSM I’ve ever seen in my life. Honestly, could that franchise have been any more diluted, predictable and utterly generic? Some girl constantly biting her bottom lip and some douche-bag billionaire justifying is douchieness because of some low grade childhood trauma he endured. Give me a break!

I’m referring more towards fetish culture being interpreted into mainstream culture in unique ways. The first time I saw a body harness was in the Plasmatics music video for Butcher Baby on Mtv.  However, Wendy O Williams career was seriously cut short due to her suicide. As much as a heavy weight punk/rock Icon she was she didn’t have enough time due to her life being cut short to permanently influence the culture. R.I.P Wendy.

In my opinion I can’t really write this without mentioning how great of a job Madonna did of bringing BDSM to the forefront of culture in the mid 90’s. Her entire Erotica moment was so on point. From the sound she was creating to the various states of dress and undress. Also, what she did to stand up to the media criticism of being more risque was truly incredible. Often doing major news outlet interviews defending the rights of women to dress how they want, sleep with who they want, and be who they want without needing a man in their life. She did it in such as way that was well spoken, educated and not crass. I really admire her for having done that work and truly opened the doors for so many people to be more expressive in their sexuality. Not only overtly but more so personally and intellectually with others. It’s precisely the reason she has such a massive gay following. She made it truly O.K to express yourself. Pun intended.

With respects having been paid, now we can dig a little deeper into today’s’ look. I’m pairing an over-sized cotton dress with a black elastic harness chest strap. I wanted to dial down the fetish factor a bit for day wear by forgoing the more obvious leather bondage pieces and went for a flexible elastic fabric. I also really like how it cinches in this look at the high waist. Another point, is with the mid-waist line of the dress having a rope tie really plays on a more subtle undertone of bondage. This is a much more understated way to pull off a harness in the day. Also, functional to really amplify your shape under your clothes. Most people are wearing these elastic harnesses under cleavage baring low cut shirts. I say put it on top of something less revealing to further contour your shape.
Dress found new in Tijuana Street Shop for 50 pesos (US $2.50)
Style Hack of the Week: When your doing a lot of street/flea/vintage shopping make older items look more updated by pairing them with modern accessories. My personal go-to for new unique accessories is Aliexpress. You deal directly with the wholesalers in China so the prices are much cheaper than if you buy from retail chains. You can also find much more obscure pieces by refining your search keywords. I’ve been living by Ali for years. Total style saver.
Style Breakdown:
Dress – $2.50
Star Shades  Paris Boutique – $5
Patent Leather Boots Aliexpress – $30
Half Gloves Aliexpress – $2
Head Wrap Aliexpress – $2
Elastic Harness Aliexpress – $2
Total Look Cost: $48.50
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