Vintage Perry Ellis Outift Inspired by the 1980’s & 1990’s

When I was 14 I remember getting gifted my first perfume for Christmas. It was Perry Ellis. Today I wanted to take a piece of how the scent turned me onto their menswear line and how the 80’s was not all bad when it came to fashion because of Perry Ellis. It just mostly was terrible.

Perry Ellis perfume was one of the best gifts I ever got as it became my scent for that period of my life from 14-17. I was dousing myself in Perry Ellis Perfume. Probably a little too much at the time (Spray and walk through scents never spray directly onto your skin). It was the late 90’s early 2000’s during that era and Perry Ellis was all the rage. Windbreakers that said “America” with stars on them worn by hip hop stars where really big at the time on Mtv. The price point for Perry Ellis clothing was out of my teenage budget but the perfume being free was one of my go to luxuries in life at the time.

As an adult now I can look back on the history of the brand. Beyond just perfume and over-sized windbreakers from the 90’s. They really nailed it when it came to their fit and cut of business casual menswear. If you’ve been following Metal Mouth Style by now you know I love Menswear just as much as I love Women’s. Gender bending fashion is one of my favorite ways to style looks to give them more of an edge and make things less predictable. Which brings me to the perfect time to throw back to a collage of some pieces I drew inspiration from for the look this week the 1984 & 1984 Perry Ellis Men’s Collection. If these pieces where in black,white and grey they would be totally wearable now without looking dated. The cuts and tailoring is on point.

The 80’s was nowhere near my favorite period for fashion. However, Perry Ellis really stood out for their classic cuts and great tailoring and use of lines within their garments in this era. I can respect that and when I found the vintage Perry Ellis striped collared shirt I’m wearing today it really reminded me of their past 80’s/90’s collections. It was a steal at only $2.50 at a vintage boutique and like new.

This shirt is XL so I tied the waist to give it more of a feminine feel.
Keeping things fun I went with a faux fur mini back pack to throw back to the 90’s and pvc pants.
This entire look was all found here in Tijuana between street shops and boutiques. My mini back pack I got in San Diego
Style Hack:  This is one I have shared before yet I feel it needs to be re-iterated. I encourage all women to start looking at Menswear options for yourself. Especially collared shirts. You just cannot go wrong with having a few of these over-sized items in your wardrobe. They can be tucked in, tied up, belted or even worn loose. 
Style Breakdown:
Shirt Perry Ellis – $2.50
Pants Who What Wear – $5
Shoes Waldo’s – $5
Mini Back Pack A’Gaci – $5
Shades Paris Boutique – $5
Total Look Cost: $22.50
About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Fashion Model and Style Blogger

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