I Miss New Wave.. A Goth Girl Club Kid Memoir

Living in this part of Mexico one of the most lacking things is finding entertainment. Especially alternative entertainment. Baja California Norte is not a hotbed for culture only tourism. Not a lot of acts tour through this part of Mexico. Be it the ever increasing homicide rate or the fact that there’s just not enough people willing/able to spend money to go to shows due to the high poverty rates. That’s why today I wanted to dig into why I love new wave and underground culture and why I miss it so much.
I started going to Industrial/New Wave shows around 2006 when I lived in Calgary, Alberta. Around that same time there was a girl who would put on these events centered around all things Goth at a club called The Warehouse. Her name was Demonika and she was a Suicide Girl. So was I at the time, now long since retired from that world.
The Warehouse was a place I would frequent weekly because I was a hard partying techno head during that era. I remember the line being around the block to get in and never having had to wait in it because the staff knew me. Which was a double bonus because when it’s minus 30 in the winter you do not want to be outdoors for very long.  Dark, cement, black light, lasers and a whole lot of people on E. The drug dealer to people ratio was almost even in that place at certain hours of the night/morning. Yet, the music and the Dj’s for the most part did some great work because there was never a night I wasn’t dancing all night long. Dancing solo was highly encouraged there. People where generally very respectful of your space and your trip. For an after hours club in Calgary it really did have a UK underground vibe. That club has long since closed. That era is long since over.
The goth nights at The Warehouse. Those events where wear I was first exposed to gothic rock and new wave in a club environment rather than at a show. Very different perspectives and crowds. Local artists would sell their art work, everyone was dressed up in their favorite goth garb, there was a whipping pole area roped off, choreographed dead cheerleaders dancing to metal. It was a great event for the time it went on for. I truly miss having the opportunity to go to events like that.
Now, I’m in Tijuana with an extensive wardrobe and even more memories. All I can do is reminisce on those truly great times because those times are over. Then I can use the things I’ve seen and learned about other cultures to apply to my own art. My own lifestyle. My own culture. A whole new culture. A whole new vibe… A whole new wave…
Style Breakdown:
Hat TJ Flea Market – $3
Shades TJ Street Shop – $2
Sequin Vintage Vest Creations of Lily – $3
Shirt Vintage Ralph Lauren – $5
Boots Aliexpress – $35
Bag TJ Flea Market – $5
Total Look Cost: $56
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