The Blondes Inspired Outfits for Less

Today we’re going to have fun making runway looks street street style at a quarter of the price. All while paying homage to one of my favorite duo’s in fashion design. The Blonds out of NYC.

I saw their show several months ago on Youtube and died a little bit inside in the best way possible. It was so creative and I loved that they used inspiration from all of the Disney villains as their inspiration behind each looks. It was done in such a tongue in cheek way being camp and even more modern day high glam chic. It was actually a very punk rock take on a classic wholesome Americana theme. What really drew me to this collection is their use of sequins and fur and especially the use of sequin one pieces and leggings.

You can view the show in it’s entirety here and my pics below are my top inspirations behind today’s Metal Mouth Style look.
I had found these silver sequin leggings at a discount shop in Tijuana I frequent only a few blocks away from my home. They where $4 and the one’s by The Blondes are made to order are upwards of $3000. You cannot currently buy the Blonds at mass market. It’s all made to order custom couture. Not that this would be in my current budget anyways and for that precise reason is the driving force behind Metal Mouth Style. Showing you how to get the look for less.

This entire look today was all sourced locally here in Tijuana between street shops and flea markets. Another great deal are my Prada shoes. These I found on the street at the Monday flea market in Playas de Tijuana for 40 Pesos… I repeat.. 40 PESOS which is the equivalent to $3 USD. Real Prada heels made in Italy. One of the heels had been crushed along the way and bent to the side. Luckily I knew my shoe repair guy Paco in TJ could repair it. Paco’s worked wonders on my shoes that often get destroyed due to the lack of infrastructure on the streets here. In total it cost me $17 for these heels with the repair fee.

Style Hack: This is my local shoe repair shop in TJ if you live in the area or are passing by and fell into a manhole (which there are no shortage of here). If it’s broken or worn down Paco can bring it back to life. Tell him Tiffini sent you!

I hope this helps you see that you can make the runway your everyday but just digging a little bit deeper to find the gold. It’s truly everywhere. It doesn’t have to be couture to look couture. It truly is what you make of it each and everyday. Use today as opportunity to let your personal style shine brighter than sequins on a sunny day.
Style Breakdown:
Dress Zara TJ Flea Market : $5
Shoes Prada TJ Flea Market – $17 (Retail $600)
Leggings TJ Discount Shop – $4
Shawl TJ Street Shop – $5
Shades Paris Boutique – $5
Total Look Cost: $41
About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Fashion Model and Style Blogger

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