A Big Bold Textured Dress & A Border Crossing Story

As of late I’ve been spending a lot more time in San Diego despite living in Tijuana. I’m going to dig deeper into what that means for me today. It’s quite honestly the only thing keeping me sane as I round out my last 6 months left in the most violent city in the world. Crossing the border is a royal pain in the ass. There have been shootings as of late right on the border and generally just really seedy people in that area. It’s where the 1st world and the 3rd world collide.
This past weekend was no different. I crossed over on Saturday afternoon to enjoy some downtime in Downtown SD. There where two men in the pedestrian line beside me arguing. One American and one Tijuanese. They where hurling insults back and forth to one another as we all where waiting to get our passports checked by the CPB officers to cross into San Diego. They kept it together just enough to make it past security and onto U.S soil.
At which point a fight broke out on the San Diego side of the border once they made it out of security clearance. It took about 3 other Mexican men to stop it from being a full on brawl. This all happens of course at the exact same time as I’m crossing and right in my path. This is the point where I start to miss Canada.
This shit would never fly in Canada. Especially not in line for security clearance at the border. People are not so tense. Yes, of course there are assholes everywhere. No country is immune to the inflated male ego & all the arrogance that comes along with that. However, the scale of it generally speaking is on a much lower level in comparison to not only Mexico but also the U.S.A.
I made it around the mess of people just in time to catch my train into the city and safely to my new favorite spot. Fifth & Rose at The Pendry Hotel. In just one morning the amount you endure crossing from Tijuana into the U.S is truly insane. I leave my tranquil home in an Uber, get to the border to have to step over migrants and people missing limbs begging for change on the ground, then get inside the border crossing port to bear witness to a fight All before 11:00 a.m. If Tijuana itself wasn’t such an isolating place to live I would just not cross the border at all. However, for me and my mental health it’s worth it to push past all the mess that living here offers and get away for a day.
At the end of it all San Diego is currently the only place I feel I can truly be myself. I can go out alone or with company and feel relatively safe. I can wear my big bold dress and not get glared at & called names by strangers just for walking down the street. It’s my chill area and if I never moved to Tijuana I would have never have discovered how awesome the place is. So for that I am truly grateful.
Life & Style Hack: If your living in a bad area I highly suggest you make the time for yourself to get out. Even if it’s just for a day. Whether that be exploring nature, or a neighboring city. It does wonders for your mindset to take a break from your day to day surroundings. No matter where you live. Even if you love it you must get out to keep your mind open.
Style Breakdown:
Dress Tijuana Flea Market – $5
Bottle Cap Up-cycled Bag Creations of Lily – $4
Velvet Block Heels Creations of Lily – $4
Star Shades Paris Boutique – $5
Total Look Cost: $28
About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Fashion Model and Style Blogger

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