How to Make Manga Style Timeless and Elegant Vs Cosplay

Regality! This is a new word that I am inputting into the style dictionary. Yes, I know the term Regalia already exists. However regality is being regal in your current state of consciousness, dress and in reality. It’s not about being the best it’s about being the best version of your god damn self in a state of splendor that exists in real life.

In today’s case it’s me wearing an A-Line formal skirt and letting my inner Manga girl out… again (See the Sailor Moon Post). Yet not quite so literally as a comic-con goer would. Which just so happens to be right across from me in Tijuana soon in San Diego. This is a more subtle embrace of all things ultra feminine from that genre.
As I am constantly preaching on Metal Mouth Style to put your very best foot forward everyday. This look embodies that. Who says you can’t wear a ballroom skirt out in the day? Just like that time I wore my full sequin 2 piece outfit in the day with sneakers to run errands. We need to get out of heads more when it comes to dressing up in the day. Why should you wait for special events to wear some of your most precious items in your wardrobe? Get more out of them by styling them right.

I’m currently living in Tijuana. Yet, I’m still able to find elegant items at a fraction of the price they would cost at retail by street/flea market shopping. So, what’s your excuse for wearing hoodies and yoga pants when your not in the gym? This total lackadaisical sense of looking like you just rolled out of bed on the street I just won’t accept. There is a time and place for sports wear and its not on the street.

Lifestyle Hack: Be the change by bringing your own form of beauty into this world. By you putting your best dressed feet forward it adds to the natural beauty of  your landscape. Even in the ugliest of places you can be that piece of beauty that inspires the next person to do the same thing in their own way. That in itself starts a change.

We need more beauty in this world. We need more effort taken by individuals with their own individual style. Not carbon copy Instagram famous celebrities hawking shit you don’t need in their sponsored posts. The only garden you can tend to is the one within your reach. You best make it fucking pretty and succumb to the Regality of it all! Life is simply too short for us not to look good in our own way.. and preferably for much less than one would expect to pay for it.

Style Breakdown:
Hat by Nine West – $10
Shades Agaci – $5
Blazer TJ Street Shop – $3
A-Line Skirt TJ Street Shop – $2
Translucent Bag TJ Street Shop – $3
Velvet Bloc Sandals Creations of Lily – $4
Silver Belt TJ Street Shop – $2
Total Look Cost: $29
About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Fashion Model and Style Blogger

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