In The Gingham Gang

Yay! New week new outfit new blog! This week I was most stoked on this Gingham dress look I put together. Simple yet ultra feminine. Just the right amount of sweet to my sour.

The inspiration this week was a combination of Audrey Hepburn in the 60s. This is one of my favorite looks of Audrey.

With a hint of Janie in the 90s. Remember how great she was! The first heavily inked glamour model & adult star to really break into the mainstream.

 I like to have just the right amount of coverage but also feature body and ink appropriately. Often I find it fun to mix and match adult stars and classic movie stars style together. Makes things more interesting.

I made the head band myself. All it took was a trip to the fabric store. This satin material was cut right off the roll and I had a head band for 20 pesos here in Mexico. That is the equivalent of $1 USD. The dress I found at a street shop. While I do not like too many super mainstream brands. I found the fit on me too good to resist. It’s a Forever 21 Twist collection dress. It was 100 pesos. Which equals roughly $5 USD. My shoes where also found at a street shop here in Tijuana. They where 100 pesos as well ($5 USD) by Andrew Gellar.

Total look cost: 220 Pesos MXN $12 USD

See ya next Friday for a new look and the inspiration behind it. Remember you can stay fucking fabulous without having to spend a lot of dough. You just have to have the right fit and pull inspiration from things you love the most.
Tiffini Truth

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