True Blood Anyone?

I’m a huge True Blood fan. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to put together a goth day look inspired by Pam of that series. She was bar none my absolute favorite character in that series. Although the final 2 Seasons of True Blood turned into a bit of a convoluted mess the first 4 Seasons still stand strong for me.

For that reason I decided to let Pam be my outfit inspiration today. What a total BABE. I also loved her as the porn star feature dancer in “Dancing at the Blue Iguana”. Your welcome as you will see some of the most fine specimens of the female figure in that film. Not much for story but it is cheesy like Showgirls and the babies are just beautiful. If you want a nice 90’s throwback check out that film as well.

Moving into my interpretation for a day look. I started with my make up. Keeping it simple and classic. Red lip, defined brow and pearl white highlight on my cheekbones. I just got into make up recently. I honestly have never worn foundation in my day to day, bronzer, or highlighters in my life until Monday of this week. I read an article that it adds a barrier between your skin and the sun therefore protecting it from harmful UV rays (See here Allure article). I’m all about self care and preservation so now I’m having a lot of fun playing with blending and highlighters.
Onto the outfit. This is a vintage Fredrick’s of Hollywood dress I found in Ensenada, Mexico for 100 pesos a few years ago. I had to get it altered to fit me as it was a bit big. For some reason I cannot part with this dress. I don’t wear it often but when I do wear it always looks different. You can style it so many ways. I always say Fredrick’s was the porn star version of  Victoria Secret. What is it with me and my porn star references? I’m just now realizing how much they have influenced my personal style. 
My patent leather boots I scored online via for about $35 USD from a wholesaler in China. They are my shit kickers. I’ve had them going on 3 years as well and they never let me down. I’ve been thinking of upgrading them to Doc Martens but I’m not a brand obsessed person and these boots have held up so well. I’m all about fashion and function first. Names are totally secondary to personal style. Mostly names mean nothing at all if you don’t know how to wear things that suit you, your body and your personal style.
This translucent mesh back pack I got as a gift from a local boutique owner here last Xmas Season in Playas de Tijuana. The shop these where at is called Synthia’s Boutique if you live in Tijuana.
I went with a low ballet bun. My cap is from Bongo and I again found that here in Playas de Tijuana for 30 pesos (about 1.50 USD) at the Monday flea market. It was a steal for it still having the tags on. Retail was $15 USD. Still a steal.
Total look cost today
Hat : 1.50 
Earrings: 1.00
White Button Down Top: 10.00
Faux Leather Dress: 5.00
Patent Leather Combat Boots: 35.00
Total: 52.50
Remember to put your best foot forward everyday because life is too short to blend in.
Tiffini Truth

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