Leather & Lilies Suit Me Just Fine

Okay, not exactly Lilies to be precise. Those are actually Orchid’s on my button down blouse. It sounded better to say Leather and Lilies. I also really thought they where Lilies until I did some further re-search.
This look fucking ruled my week. I was inspired by the rawness of nature when styling it. Whenever I wear leather I feel really raw. It feels primal. It is primal. Your wearing another animals skin as a garment. Whether it be to keep warm as our ancestors before us did, for fashion or a combination of both. Leather to me is a symbol of how viscous we are as a species. A stark reminder that we will not only kill you but eat you as well. We have and will always be this way.
Then we have my blouse. That clearly symbolizes the Orchid flower. Something so delicate & beautiful that often we as humans take for granted. I personally love a floral tone but it has be be balanced for me with something a bit more stark to feel right based on my personality. Paired with my faux leather half gloves worked really well.
This look for me was function and fashion colliding. It was cooler out this week due to some pretty crazy Santa Ana winds sweeping through Tijuana for the past week. This was the day after they ended and there was this odd cool and stillness in the town after getting rocked by 50mph winds. It was the type of weather where if you wear a jacket your too hot when walking. If you don’t when you walk in the shade your cold.
The leather skirt by Express (From Gypsy Found Clothing in Toronto for $20) helped keep the Altuzarra blouse (Street shop Tijuana find for 80 pesos) fitted to my body while also keeping me warm. The blouse gave me a lighter moment for lots of walking I did that day. The half gloves I fucking swear by living in the desert. You don’t ever really need a full glove in these parts but it does get cold. It covers just enough of your hand & palms to keep warmer but not enough to be ridiculous or overkill. They where $3 on AllieExpress. I also die for a stylish kitten heel. I can comfortably clear 3-4 miles at time in these Stuart Weitzman’s I found again a Tijuna street shop for 70 pesos.
My purse is Nine West which I paid 100 pesos for the Creation of Lily boutique here in Playas de Tijuana. It’s a fabulous vintage shop that is not for profit. All the proceeds from the boutique go towards funding the Orphange the shop is attached too. I love it when I can shop at a place where I see the money they make benefiting others. Not only that but I have found some of my best finds there.
My hat is also by Nine West which I got a friend to grab for me from DTLA for $20.
Express Skirt: $20
Altuzarra Blouse:  $4
Half Gloves: $3
Stuart Weitzman Shoes: $4
Nine West Bag: $5
Nine West Hat: $20
Total Look Cost: $56 USD
Tiffini Truth

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