Channeling My Digital Librarian..

The Library is open! I finally get to say that in the correct context after years of binge watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

This week I pulled inspiration from one of the simplest places. Libraries. I used to spend a lot of time in them in the early 2000’s before I bought my first Laptop. Leaving home in the middle of High School, then having rent and bills had me on the slow track to acquiring electronics. I didn’t have a laptop of my own until 2005. From 1995-2005 the majority of my Internet access was gained through checking into my nearest Library. The Library for me was never a place I checked out books. Instead I used it to access the new burgeoning digital world.

For today’s look I channeled was my inner Librarian would look like and this is what I came up. To be totally honest I really thought. “What would Giles from Buffy wear?” and then applied it to my own textiles.

Side note. If you get that reference we are best friends.
This entire look was found in TJ. A combination of street shops and vintage shops. My shades I was pretty stoked on. They are from Waldo’s (kind of like the Mexican version of a Five and Dime). I always can find the coolest plastic framed and some metal frames there for under $3. If your in TJ and need a cheap pair of shades they best gas station sunglasses ten fold if  your into more funky frames.
Patent leather purse, Patent leather shoes, and plaid pants. I love playing with print meets texture.
For my final detail this “Lucky Me” bracelet was a nice finishing touch. I’m big on details that don’t scream out when your wearing a lot of layers or prints at once. It’s important to know when to play up or down accessories. They truly can make or break an outfit. My general rule is if I’m wearing little to no prints I play up my accessory game. If I’m print heavy I tone them down. You have to pick your moments in style to express yourself. Don’t try to say everything at once. The idea gets convoluted and you loose sight of why you dressed this way in the first place.
Style Breakdown
Breton Cap by Bongo – $2
Mirrored Circle shades Waldo’s – $2
Plaid Scarf No Name – $1
Lucky Me Bracelet – $3
Shoes C&A – $4
Patent Leather Purse No Name – $20
Blazer by Larry Levine Suits – $5
Plaid Pants by Who What Wear – $10
Total Cost: $47
Tiffini Truth

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