Leopard, Leather & Easy Rider…

This week I didn’t actually pull direct inspiration for my look from any one place in particular. More of an anti inspirational look if you will. I just really wanted to blend Leopard print and Leather together and make that look seamless. In this case faux leather that looks really fucking real.

Okay so I guess I did pull some inspiration as even anti inspo comes from somewhere right? Mostly from biker style. How could I update that look, make it modern, femme and chic all at the same time. Instead of the aged, withered, bandanna look that is just so predictably passe. So taking this for example and making it better was the main motivation behind this weeks personal styling. No better example than easy rider.
Obviously minus the bike..for today at least..
I wore a cropped mesh Xhilartion top under Leopard applique faux leather overalls. Remember that brand from the 90’s at Target? This top is from one of my favorite street shops in Playas but they get at on of off sales from Target and sell it even cheaper than Target. My wet dream. I still LOVE Target for basic staples at a killer price. I wore a ton of the Xhilaration juniors line as a teen. I went to the states a tone as a kid so I always did most of my shopping on the US side as apposed to Canada. Better brands at better prices due to less import tax. I think that’s when I first learned the value of true bargain shopping and why it’s so instilled in me to make the most out of very little day to day. I can still fit into a lot of the juniors gear so I fuck with it. It’s cheaper and some juniors stuff is straight fire man. Don’t let anyone ever tell you there are rules to the fashion game. There really are not. As long as you put it together well you can wear almost anything.
Also, a faux leather biker jacket, a classic Kate Spade tote, Faux leather cap and Leopard print slides. Everything I wore was all found in Playas de Tijuana at local street shops or the Flea Market they have hear on Mondays. The only piece that is not from Playas are my shoes which I got on super sale at Agaci in San Diego.
As the weather starts to get cooler question becomes. How can I stay warm while still looking cool. I don’t take any weather as an exception for great fashion. As temps dipped into the 60s this week (that’s fucking cold for me now in the desert) layering is now key. I like to mix things up between real and faux leather. Some faux is so good now it’s hard to tell the difference. Both of these pieces the jacket and the overalls are so good the only tell is that it doesn’t have that leather smell. Aside from that though you’d be hard pressed to know they where both imitation leather.
I added some silver hoop earrings as well from Agaci and my modernized biker babe look was complete. Done and done this look was fun.
Style Breakdown
No name Faux Leather Cap – $1.50
No name Faux Leather Overalls – $7
Mesh Xhilartion Top – $5
Faux Leather Jacket by Glamorous – $5
Leopard print Slides from Agaci – $6
Kate Spade Vintage Tote – $5
Hoop Earrings from Agaci – $2
Total Cost: $31.50

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