90’s Pleather & Sweater Weather

Thicker fabrics are such a staple when the temperature drops below 20 in the desert that is Baja California. Another thing that has become more frequent is pretty insane climate changes at a rapid pace. This week for example we had wicked winds up to 20mph in my area and torrential rain storms simultaneously. With that being said. I stayed indoors a lot this week and Uber was my lifeline to the outside world.

Yesterday’s look was all about Pleather and Sweater weather. Pleather took off in the 90’s yet still I find it such an underrated textile. What I love about Pleather specifically is that it provides you with a real leather look and feel yet it’s washable at home on a low cycle. My leather dry cleaning bill can get pretty high this time of year when I’m staying cool while staying warm. To mediate that I highly suggest incorporating more Pleathers into your wardrobe this time of year. Even in the Summer it’s a great textile as it doesn’t hold as much heat against your body as leather tends too when you want a more edgy look.
I took a bit of inspiration this week from good old 90’s Sarah Michelle Gellar movie style. This is from a promo shoot done for Scream 2. A Soundtrack that I put on my Secret Santa card at school in Grade 8. I ended up getting it and to date as the soundtrack is hilarious to me now. Regardless of how my musical tastes have changed that was probably one of my favorite Holiday experiences because I actually got what I wanted from a total stranger.
I opted for a pair of faux suede rhinestone flats around the house over slides.
I’m keeping it more natural with my make up again. I tried using foundations last month after reading that it protects our skin from UV rays here. That lasted only a couple weeks before my face felt like it was imploding. I tried 4 different foundations all claiming to be beneficial to your skin and spent $100. Now I have foundations I will never wear again unless I’m doing a photo shoot. I don’t usually have break outs and I’ve never had so many as when I was wearing foundation. Some say that when you don’t wear heavy make up often your face freaks out but will get used to it. I’m still convinced that full coverage foundation isn’t great for your face and your better off protecting your skin than covering it up. Worse yet, forcing your face to get used to it. To each their very own with make up. I just want to feel confident in how my skin is and highlighting things rather than covering things I don’t like. I went for some light eye shadow, brow tint and a clear gloss for this look.
The pants and sweater where found items at boutiques here in Playas de Tijuana. The pleather pants are from Gypsy Found Objects in Toronto and my flats are from Agaci in San Diego. My silver hoop earrings are from a little dress boutique in my building here in Playas.
Style Breakdown
Pleather Pants by Mavi – $20
Sweater by Cozy Casual – $5
Faux Suede Rhinestone Flats by Agaci – $10
Hoop Earrings No Name – $2
Total Cost : $37

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