Romy, Michele & Me

This week I pulled some inspiration from two of my favorite female characters in a comedy. Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion. This movie was the epitome of short skirts, crop tops, long legs, faux fur & platform heels. It rivals Clueless for those obsessed with 90’s fashion.
This look was all about making it my own and adding a bit more coverage. I’m not a fan of bold colors. I decided to tone my gold antique print skirt down by framing it with black textured layers. As I’ve mentioned before in previous Blogs “Staying warm while looking cool”. Key point this time of year with wind gusts in the desert and cold nights. I pulled most of my inspiration from these looks in particular from the movie below. Crop top and mini skirts. How adorable where they. Just take this in for a moment before we move on. The costume styling of this movie totally enraptured this era of  late 90’s fashion.
This entire look I wore was all sourced locally here in Tijuana. All items found at local vintage boutiques and street shops. The black with silver threading sweater was actually full length. I cut it to be a crop as it hung nicer that way than it’s original more boxy form.
Style Breakdown
Faux Fur Shawl – $10
Black & Silver Sweater – $1
Antique Print Skirt – $3
Patent Leather Loafers – $5
Patent Leather Quilted Bag – $3
Total Look Cost: $22

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