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Look Like You Just Stepped Off the Catwalk

Master the Art of Supermodel Style

This blog will break down how to look like you just stepped off the Catwalk and master your supermodel style. You can become the star of your own style story everyday simply by getting dressed.

You found this blog because you are inspired to take your personal style to a new level and release your bold soul through clothing. This is about more than being in a moment. This is about a personal lifestyle and aesthetic choice.

I’m here to show you exactly how to do just that through teaching you all the basics behind styling looks with my 34 years of outfit styling experience. My first full look was styled at age 5 for school and the rest is fashion history!

We will be breaking down five key ways you can improve your style and various styling hacks around runway inspired outfits you can incorporate into your wardrobe today, tomorrow, and forever. These are all classic items that do not go out of style.

In this blog the following items will be broken down in sequential order of dressing yourself. Each item is a step towards curating your own Supermodel Catwalk OOTD from start to finish.

  • Jumpsuits
  • Waist Cincher
  • Statement Bags
  • High Heel Boots
  • Classic Sunglasses

The ethos behind looking and feeling like you just stepped off a runway is that you learn to say goodbye to being basic with rich, feminine, bold, style. Let me show you how to look like you just stepped off the catwalk!


Step 1

To nail your catwalk confidence in real life you cannot be afraid of accentuating your petite frame. You also don’t need a perfect body to do so, or bare a lot of skin. Being petite means that it’s easier for you to fit into smaller cuts of clothing. Let’s accentuate that!

Whether your short/tall a lean body always looks great in fitted clothing. The seam lines of a jumpsuit/bodysuit are more appealing to the eye when there aren’t any bulges/ripples.

It takes a lot of confidence to wear a one piece jumpsuit. To be bold, one must embody enough self confidence to wear whatever they want. This isn’t about trying to fit it, it’s about embracing your rich feminine style that catwalk ready to take over the world… or start small on your city streets first.

Here are three excellent model worthy jumpsuit examples for you to consider starting from low/mid/high price points.

the art of looking like you just stepped off the catwalk
Step Up Zip Front Jumpsuit $64.90 USD AKIRA
Lace Mesh Jumpsuit $600 CAD VERSACE
Aero Open Back Halter Jumpsuit $67.20 USD NORDSTROM

Waist Cincher

Step 2

Once your suited in your skin tight bodysuit you will want to pair it with a waist belt. This item will come be a must have to accentuate your petite frame and draw attention by decorating to your waist vs a hip belt that falls much lower.

A waist belt can be worn with oversized or fitted clothing which makes it a versatile accessory to include in your wardrobe.

When wearing a neutral bodysuit or monochromatic look a waist belt helps add dimension to your look as well as your own personal style.

Pearls, leather, and abstract buckle designs are some key details to look for as seen in the examples below.

chanel brings the runway to you
Chain Belt $3675 CAD CHANEL
belt buckles are very chic to achieve model style
Structural Buckle Belt $80 CAD ANTHROPOLOGIE
Ravello Embossed Leather Belt $119 CAD BANANA REPUBLIC

Statement Bags

Step 3

A mid-sized statement bag is a great way to finish off your look while being functional enough to carry the essentials you need for the day with you. As a general rule for size, try not to carry a bag that is larger than your laptop to stay in catwalk territory.

Unless you’re shopping/traveling/fitness training you have no business carrying around an oversized bag everyday. It’s not sexy and to reveal your inner supermodel you need to feel light, sexy, and not weighed down by carrying luggage on your shoulder.

Textiles I adore for luxury statement bags are Faux Crocodile Embossed Print, PVC, Patent Leather & Faux Fur.

Here are four feminine statement bags that speak to some of my top textile suggestions from below.

runway ready for street style
Laptop Compartment Tote Bag in Black Cros $26 Pounds ASOS
extravagant style made for the model inside you
Curly Fabric Dumpling Clutch $84.93 ETSY
vintage catwalk moments
Vintage Moc Croc Patent Leather Handbag $142.07 CAD ETSY
luxury fashion model bag 
Tabby Shoulder Bag 20 In Silver Metallic $480 CAD COACH

High Heel Boots

Step 4

High heel boots are a bold and edgy way to express your feminine style. Especially when you are wearing a fitted bodysuit as mentioned above in Step 1, boots can be used as highlight to your fashion statement.

Thigh high boots put you in a different head space (literally higher up on your body) and showcase lean legs at their finest.

If you’re on the shorter side but still petite opt for an ankle boot instead. Thigh highs are unfortunately not a one size fits all style and can swallow one’s frame if your a woman under 5″5 in real life and not being shot using a long lens camera 24/7.

You now understand the fundamentals of high heels boots. Let’s look at some examples next.

high fashion catwalk ready to wear boots
FW23 Luxor Cantilever 11 Thigh High Black Stretch Lamb Leather $1890 CAD RICK OWENS
the world is your runway in these gladiator style ankle boots
85MM Nylon & Leather Booties $2295.09 PRADA
look like you 
just stepped off the runway patent leather boots
Vava Tan Patent $129.98 CAD STEVE MADDEN

Classic Sunglasses

Step 5

The shape of your face will determine which style of classic sunglasses will suit you best.

The top three classic styles of sunglass frames for feminine women are as follows in this list.

  • Cat Eye
  • Aviator
  • Wayfarer

Now that you understand the top three classic sunglass styles. Let’s look through some lens options for you to try with your face shape next.

catwalk ready cat eye shades
Cara Sunglasses $455 USD TOM FORD (Cat Eye)
master the art of being chic 24/7
Wayfarer Reverse $245 CAD RAY BAN
supermodel shades
Bonnie Polarized $97 CAD VELVET EYEWEAR

Closing the Closet

Looking like you just stepped off the runway is not a linear path. There are a lot of factors that go into creating even a very simple look. It’s important to allow yourself the time it takes to curate your perfect model capsule closet. How you feel inside should reflect how you look externally and you cannot rush that kind of success. It takes time and expertise.

You’re here because you’re not casual but need direction and inspiration to grow into your bold new style. I hope that these in stylist tips help inspire you to reveal the best version of yourself through your style story everyday.

Stay tuned for weekly blogs where I continue to break down luxury clothing hacks/tips/tricks on any budget for feminine petite women.

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