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Valentino Inspired Outfits For Under $100

Channeling Timeless Elegance

Hello Style Siblings… Bonded through a shared appreciation for feminine style today’s style post is all about Valentino Inspired Looks. Mastering high fashion couture style for under $100.

Do you have $5000 to buy yourself a new Valentino dress from their latest collection? That answer is more often a “No” than it is a “Yes” for most modern day working women on a budget. Let alone if you’re trying to save for investing. This is why luxury fashion may not be accessible to most but can still serve as excellent style inspiration for us all.

This rings especially true when buying Valentino in Canada (where I’m based). It means your price is higher than USD/Euro retail listings. This is also why I’m styling Valentino Inspired outfits in this post to show you how to dress like a pro without the high fashion price tag.

Watch this video to see how these high fashion inspired looks come together

I’ll be showing you how you can effortlessly master Valentino-inspired luxury brand looks without breaking the bank with three head to toe styled outfits for under $100 each! This price includes the entire outfit from accessories to shoes.

Get ready to amp up your style game and become a fashion pro, as we dive into the world of Valentino! Discover how to recreate the luxuriousness of high-fashion brands with wallet-friendly alternatives. 

From stunning dresses to chic accessories, I’ll guide you through assembling fabulous Valentino-inspired looks that will turn heads on any occasion. Not only will you learn how to replicate the elegance and glamorous appeal of Valentino, but I’ll also provide practical tips on where to find more affordable pieces that perfectly merge your personal style and budget. 

I’ve spent countless hours curating the ultimate three piece collection of Valentino-inspired pieces, ensuring that you can easily and confidently achieve that coveted high-fashion aura. Whether you’re attending a special event, or simply want to upgrade your everyday style, these style tips and tricks will make sure you stay on point.

3 Classic Valentino Inspired Looks:

  • The Classic Red Valentino Dress
  • Monochromatic All Red Pant Suit
  • The All White Pleated Popeline Maxi Dress

It’s time to take your style game to new heights. Join me in this journey towards mastering affordable high-fashion outfits inspired by Valentino

The Classic Red Valentino Dress

As you can see by comparing the images above and below there is a huge price gap between the look I styled for under $100 and the original inspiration image from the latest Valentino collection. Let’s talk about accessorizing this look next.

The website features a captivating image of a red Valentino crepe couture short dress, exuding style and sophistication
Crepe Couture Short Dress $5660.00 Linked Here

Pair them with knee high Patent Leather Boots if it’s a midi dress for a retro 1960s mod take on this ever so classic look

When wearing a bold tone such as red it’s best to keep the accessories more on the subtle side. Opting for small pearls and leave everything else bare to stay true to the original 1950s Valentino brand style

Also, I’m filming this look in Fall and pairing it with black thermal tights not only keeps me warm but also acts as a polished way to add variation and color blocking

And, this white clutch is so versatile you’ll see it styled as a staple throughout all the upcoming looks! Clean lines and minimal hardware are key for the high fashion Valentino look.

I found this red vintage dress ($15) while thrifting at the Salvation Army in Calgary. The boots where $35 and the clutch was $20.

My Total Look Cost: $75

Monochromatic All Red Pant Suit

See the fully styled look in the above image and make the comparison below with the original inspirational pieces from Valentino.

A stylish Valentino Crepe Couture Red Blazer. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your wardrobe
Crepe Couture Blazer $4910.00 Linked Here
stylish Valentino Red Crepe Couture Pants,
Crepe Couture Pants $3020.00 Linked Here

The key aspect to Valentino-inspired outfits is bold colors. Opt for a monochromatic blazer and pant suit look. However, you can style this blazer with a satin pant in the same color tone for variation of texture in one color story

No bra, no problem. If you have a more perky bustline you can opt to go bare underneath your blazer. If not that’s where a bra best serves you to show off some cleavage in a tasteful way that brings a more uniform look to your bust.

Accessories! A nice way to break up a monochromatic look is by choosing a different color of heel. I love black with red so I opted for a microsuede classic pump with a gold buckle detail on the toe. It’s just enough detail to peek out under my extra long satin trousers.

I found the red blazer while thrifting in Montreal ($14) and the Satin trousers ($25) where purchased from a wholesaler online a well as the white clutch ($20 and microsuede pumps ($25).

Total Cost: $84

The All White Maxi Dress

An elegant white dress by Valentino, made of cotton popeline, displayed on a website page
Cotton Popeline Midi Dress $4660.00 Linked Here

A solid maxi dress is elegant, regal, and makes you feel and look RICH!

This style was inspired by the White Midi-Poplin Dress in the latest Valentino collection that is currently totally sold out online and retails for over 3000.00 USD!

I paired it with a 1980s gold buckle waist cincher to accentuate my waist and to break up the look.

A side bun is a great look under a hat to feature your face and look put together.

As well as topping things off with a crisp white hat.

These black tweed slingback heels with gold tip detail are an excellent way to add a color blocking detail to an all white ensemble.

I found this white maxi dress dress thrifting in Montreal for $15. The hat was $15, clutch $20 and shoes $25.

Total Cost: $75

Closing the Closet

Remember, fashion doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag! Which is proven to be true not once but three times in this style post.

Looking to build more confidence in your style? Read more about how to embody that high fashion supermodel look in your day to day life here.

Learn more about my personal style story if you’re new to this space.

Leave your comments below if you have any questions about how to style your own high fashion inspirational looks.

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