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Expert Styling Tips for a White Mini Skirt

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In this style post, I’m sharing expert style tips for a white mini skirt to elevate your wardrobe. I’ll be showing you how to style one white mini skirt various ways so you can dress like a pro.

Let’s make the most of the mini skirt as a staple for petite women and let me teach you how to maximize your wardrobe potential. 

3 Ways to Style A White Mini Skirt:

  • All White Monochromatic Look
  • Italian Coffee Style Moment
  • Country Club Chic

I’ve styled all three of these looks today using vintage tops I thrifted from the 1990s era. Also, I’ll remind you in this post how important it is to understand that style can be sustainable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

A white skirt with pleats on the front, perfect for a stylish and elegant look
This is a $50 staple skirt we will be using in all three of the professionally styled looks in this post


Remember, when styling outfits it’s important to choose accessories that complement the feminine aesthetic, such as delicate jewelry, a small tote purse, and perhaps a white hat for an extra dose of glamour. Feel free to experiment with various textures, patterns, and silhouettes to find the combination that best suits your personal style!

Watch this video to see how these white mini skirt style tips come together

However, before we get into expert style tips for your white mini skirt it’s important to also take the time to understand where the mini skirt came from. Therefore, we must take a brief moment to discuss some fashion history next.

Who Invented the Mini-Skirt?

The mini skirt is often credited to the British fashion designer Mary Quant. In the mid-1960s, particularly around 1964 and 1965, Mary Quant popularized the mini skirt as a part of the “Swinging London” fashion scene.

This New York Times article goes into more detail about her life and her impact on the fashion industry as a whole.

Group of models and mini skirt inventor pose in front of flower wall, 1960s fashion shoot.

Quant named the skirt after her favorite car, the Mini Cooper, and it quickly became a symbol of the youth-oriented, rebellious spirit of the 1960s. The mini skirt was a revolutionary and iconic piece of fashion that challenged conventional norms and reflected the changing attitudes and cultural shifts of the time. Its introduction is considered a significant moment in the history of fashion and women’s liberation.

Now that you understand a vital piece of fashion history it’s time to get stylish!

Follow along for my top three styled white miniskirt looks below.

Look #1: All White Monochromatic Outfit

In this fully styled look I’ve paired a white frilly button up blouse, six inch platform loafers, a pleated high waist mini-skirt as well as a crocodile embossed purse.

Fun Fact! This blouse is by Jessica, a 1990s Canadian fashion label that was sold at the now defunct Sears. Jessica was a clothing brand was great because it was made in Canada, had incredible craftsmanship, used high quality fabrics, and centered around feminine and elegant designs. Note, this top was made in China after they started outsourcing which was part of their demise.

In my opinion the best era for thrifting Jessica clothing was between the mid to late 1990s. This blouse was a steel for only 10.99 as you can see in the image below.

All of these white pieces created an all white monochromatic look that is ready to go to an all white day party or simply a party of one.

Total Look Cost: $130

Look #2: Italian Coffee Style Outfit

I paired a caramel striped button up collared shirt, the white pleated mini skirt, and six inch platform loafers together to achieve an Italian street style look.

The styling of this ensemble is meant for you to feel feminine, elegant and chic when you are going out to a cafe.

It’s important to note the shirt is by Naracamicie and is from the late 1990s. I found this high quality Italian made button up shirt for only $20 on Etsy as you can see in the image below.

Screenshot of an etsy interface displaying a clothing purchase

Popping the collar of this shirt gives it a bit of an edge and serves as a nod to classic Italian street style.

Total Look Cost: $150

Look #3: Country Club Chic Outfit

A woman in a stylish black and white ensemble striking a pose for a photograph

To put together this country club chic ensemble I have paired a white felt hat, black and white blazer, white pleated mini-skirt, suede thigh high stilettos, and a white purse together.

This style of outfit featured is an excellent example of color blocking. Also, learning how to color block elevates any look, at any price, and makes you look regal and rich.

This black blazer with exquisite white piping was thrifted for only $15 in Canada. It’s made by Elie Tahari, which has been a feminine, high quality fashion brand for 45 years. Their price point typically ranges from $400+ for a brand new blazer on their website.

Total Look Cost: $130

Closing the Closet

Now you are armed and ready to expertly style your white mini skirt and elevate your wardrobe like a pro!

I implore you to bring your own beauty to the forefront by understanding the power of feminine aesthetics. When you harness this power, you regain your confidence and can get whatever you want out of life.

Dress for the moment you want to create in life. When you learn how to dress for success, it will always find you. Regardless of your fashion budget.

Looking to build more confidence in your style? Read more about how to embody that high fashion supermodel look in your day to day life here.

Learn more about my personal style story if you’re new to this space.

Leave your comments below if you have any questions about how to style your own high fashion inspirational looks.

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