My Top Archived Looks From 2019

Hello loyal readers and happy almost New Year. I’m not big on celebrating the end of the year because it’s usually cold at night and I don’t care about holidays. As previously discussed in greater detail from last weeks post. I think part of this destine comes from me working age 18-21 in retail stores at the mall. Meaning I would have to work all the holidays except for X-mas to keep the roof over my head. Yes, the mall is open on New Years Day in Canada (Where I grew up. Now I live in Tijuana, Baja California) and also in the states. Going to work hungover on no sleep and having to open a clothing store only to have mediocre sales the entire day was mildly traumatic for me.

What’s funny about this fact is that since I became self employed I purposely use any holiday to get ahead on my work. It’s vastly different when you do it on your own schedule rather than a corporations. For example, I plan to do a New Years Eve show and a New Years Day show for my Podcast The Metal Mindset this week. It would be killer if you tuned in for that by subscribing to my Youtube Channel. 

I had a lot of looks I had yet to post that I wanted to put some shine on before the year draws to a close. There will be no sub topics this week. Just looks! Scroll and enjoy the titles and pictures without doing any required reading. I’ll be back with our regularly scheduled sub topic format next week. For now…  Enjoy my top 5 archived looks from 2019!

                                         Walking My Real Fur While Wearing Faux Fur

Style Breakdown:

Sweater Creations Of Lily: $3
Skirt French Connection TJ Street Shop: $3
Total Look Cost: $10
I Saw The Movie Secretary & Thought It Was Awkwardly Sexy

Style Breakdown

Button Up Shirt Vancouver Vintage Shop: $5
Skirt Nine West TJ Street Shop: $3
Total Look Cost: $15
This Is Casual.. I Won’t Be Caught Dead In Sweatpants

Style Breakdown

Dress Armani Exchange TJ Flea Market: $3
Boots Vera Wang Creations of Lily: $5
Shawl Alfred Sung Vancouver Vintage Shop: $10
Total Look Cost: $18
You Too Can Make Tweed Your Bitch

Style Breakdown:

Dress TJ Boutique: $5
Shoes Agaci: $5
Button Up Shirt TJ Street Shop: $3
Total Look Cost: $13
When Your All Business But Want To Be Casual… Put A Blazer On

Style Breakdown:

Blazer TJ Street Shop: $3
Jeans TJ Street Shop: $3
Tank Top TJ Street Shop: $2
Shoes Creations Of Lily: $4
Total Look Cost: $12

I want to take a moment to Thank YOU very much for following Metal Mouth Style over the course of this year. Let’s never forget that it’s not about what you wear it’s about how you wear it. Brands mean nothing if you have no personal style behind the label. It’s how you put things together and the pride you take in yourself that defines true style. Fashion is about business and business is about money. Style is about a deeper sense of substance and value that is unique to you.
 About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Metal Artist living in Tijuana.

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