How To Deal With Street Harassment In Style

Happy New Year loyal readers. 2020 is here and this marks the first post of the new year. Unfortunately, just because the year changes doesn’t mean anything is changing. That’s why I want to get into a really sore subject for women. Street Harassment. It’s not acceptable, I want to see this type of targeting towards women become an unacceptable way to behave in public. I want people to start standing up against it when they see it happening to others. So much will always stay the same but Street Harassment is something I want to see taken a lot more seriously in our society. Read on to gain some insight into ways both men and women can deal with street harassment. Not just ignore it.

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                                      6 Ways To Deal With Street Harassment As A Target

  1. Establish your boundary by firmly yet calmly telling the perpetrator to “Stop!” and keep walking. Ignoring it only allows this person to think this type of behavior is acceptable because it is not being refuted.
  2. If it continues then maintain your safe distance, keep walking and say “Stop!” again. This makes others around you aware of the fact that you clearly want nothing to do with this person.
  3. Your phone is your weapon of evidence. Start recording the aggressor from a safe distance. You can and should also do this from the moment you feel someone is trying to take away your power and dignity on the street.   
  4. If the aggressor has not stopped by this time call the police.     
  5. Wait in a safe area for the police to arrive and show them your video evidence of the aggressor.  
  6. Post your video evidence of street harassment on your social media! Give the world more perspective on what it’s like being on the other side of harassment.                          
                                     How Can I Help Someone Being Street Harassed?
The best thing we all can do man/woman is reach out to the person being targeted. So long as you can see that the person being harassed is an innocent bystander then you can get involved. Firstly, do not target the perpetrator. You need to be helping the person subject to the verbal abuse. That’s where all the attention should go. Give the perpetrator no attention at all. Zero. This is the time it’s OK to “ignore it”. As they have made it clear by targeting a random person on the street that’s all they want is attention. Negative or positive the aggressor will accept any form of attention to feel empowered. It’s sick and to not feed that type of sickness you must give it nothing to feed on. I truly believe that street harassment is a form of much deeper mental health issues in men. 

It sounds simple but by simply asking the woman “Are you okay?” can turn this entire situation around in the women’s favor. Having a man come up to her asking if she is okay while being harassed by another man will make her feel safe around men. Having a woman come up to her asking if she is okay will make her feel protected by women.

Street harassment/violence against women is not talked about in schools, it’s barely discussed online and rarely ever seen on social fucking media. Where the world is supposedly broadcasting their lives. Yet, people pick and choose the highlights of their life and rarely show the real moments of how ugly life is. Especially for women.

It’s not on these types of men to change, they won’t. If the men who target women to gain power wanted to change they would have by now. It’s on us as a society male/female to change in what we will tolerate as acceptable public behavior. If we can curb it in the streets then we have the power to make people think twice about how they act at home. It’s not about hashtags or viral videos. It’s about waking up to the reality that it’s these little incidents that lead up to much bigger world problems. If we sit back and watch while women are verbally assaulted on the streets by strangers then what won’t we stand for?  Street harassment is the seed of anger, hate and gender violence that leads to certain men feeling empowered to do anything they can to keep women down.

                                              How To Deal With Street Harassment In Style

This is a life & style blog and we come here every week to shed light on a plethora of topics, getting the look for less and expressing your own personal style bucking all “trends”.

I want to see and hear more of your stories about street harassment. How have you chosen not to let men have power over you and the clothes you wear? Are you dressing for yourself or dressing for the others male/female? How would you best describe your style?

I’m personally very curious on these subjects and ask you as my readers to send me a message in the contact form with your answers. I’d love to feature my favorite looks of my readers moving forward. Be brave and reach out.

Here are my top 3 looks of the week below to end on a more fun and stylish note.

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Elegantly Industrial

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Plaids & Stripes They Sometimes Mix

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