Why Getting Drunk On Vacation Sucks

Hello loyal readers, I’m on route to Mexico City this week and thought this was a perfect time to talk about drinking on vacation. Or rather, not drinking to excess on vacation. I was going to debunk some fashion trends this week for 2020 but this is far more relevant in this moment. In short I’ve been through many battles between all sorts of mind altering substances in my lifetime. I don’t even like referring to drugs & alcohol as different things. Their one in the same. They alter your mind in different ways. One you drink others you eat, sniff, smoke, inject, or fuck. Yes, Sex I also include as a mind altering substance (due to chemicals released during sex) because that too can be abused and cause addition. The only substance I’ve never had a hangover from is mushrooms which is why it’s my favorite substance. I always see something on mushrooms that I can apply to my music or my art. It’s like a business trip for pleasure. However, you cannot do mushrooms very often and stay sane. Also, mushrooms are not really something you can truly enjoy socially. Good ones are also a bitch to find! That’s where alcohol enters the picture. Easy access & socially acceptable. Let’s focus on that for today’s post and dig into why exactly getting drunk on vacation sucks and what my game plan is to avoid it.

California, my sober drinking buddy

Is There A Hangover Cure?
Yes and mostly No. I’ll state the obvious way to cure a hangover is to not ever have one to begin with. Which simply means not drinking or not drinking to excess. I started drinking at age 14 and I’m now 35. I’ve tried everything and this is what it’s come down to.
I’m not puritanical person therefore it’s not realistic to say I’m never going to drink again. For me I’ve been a total alcoholic who lived to party (from my teens to my twenties).  I’ve been sober for years after that. Now I’m mostly sober aside from the one day a week I do partake in drinking alcohol. I use it as a reward system for accomplishing my goals each week. If I don’t carry out a goal then I don’t drink that week. My issue lies in the fact that despite cutting down immensely how often I drink when I do drink I tend to binge more often than not. As though I’m making up for the lost time drinking time abstaining from alcohol. 
I’ve tried The Hangover Patch. It does not work. I even wrote about it here. Everyone is different, everyone metabolizes alcohol differently maybe it will work for you. Maybe not. It did not at all for me. I still don’t fully trust people who drink heavily and claim they never get hangovers. I don’t think it’s humanely possible. There is a toll for everyone when drinking whether in excess or not. It’s just not always overtly physical. 
Take if for the vitamins but don’t expect a magical cure

From drinking a lot of water before bed, to electrolytes, to whatever this tablet concoction made in Mexico is. The only cure for a hangover truly is not to be hungover at all. Not to drink to the point where you feel drink. Not to drink more than a few units of alcohol at a time. Not to drink as often. It’s all of these things combined that is your only surefire way to prevent a hangover you have no way of 100% curing in the first place.

It’s like tums. You can see how hungover the person was giving it to me  based on food choices alone in the background.

Not Getting Drunk On Vacation Tips

The worst thing when you travel, especially on short trips is being hung over. It’s a total time suck and even the act of getting drunk also skews your perception of what a place is actually like. The concept of going into a bar sober and going into a bar drunk. That same bar the next day will be in stark contrast to how it looked while you where blotto. Apply that same process to places, people and things and.. Whoa! You’re in for a world of difference seeing things through a more sober set of eyes.
Bidding my binging days adieu
If you can’t enjoy 1 or 2 drinks and stop then obviously you should really consider abstaining from alcohol completely. If not forever then for a while until you can get to the root reasons of why you lose control when drinking. I’ve done it and it’s really helps me check myself as I will continuously do it for the rest of my life to stop before I slide off the rails.  As I am doing here now to help others while I help myself when I realize my binge drinking is starting to get the best of me.
Let’s Drink But Not Get Drunk Tips!
Tip.1 Make a financial plan & stick to it. The biggest reason in how much you drink whether you decide to drink or not is how much your willing to spend on it. Budget more money for food & experiences than booze. Keep your booze budget on trips to the bare minimal. To stay within the rough daily limit for women is 1-2 units ($25 to shelf liquor) for men 1-4 ($35 to shelf liquor).
Tip.2 Don’t drink daily just because you’re not drinking to get drunk. Pick & choose your moments. If it’s a later night out maybe that’s the night you drink. If it’s a special event maybe that’s the day you drink. Don’t make it part of each day of your trip. Pick your moments and pick them wisely.
Tip.3 Travel with similar company & let them know about your plan before you travel. A good friend will help keep you in check when you want to order that 3rd drink in a row. I cannot stress this enough. Without this step Tips 1 & 2 are totally useless. You are only as good as the company you keep. If your going on vacation with hard drinkers and you are trying your best not to binge this will be a nearly impossible task. Being on the same wavelength of the people you travel with is the only way to fully enjoy your travels. Unless you travel solo (which I highly recommend) you need to choose your company very carefully.
I hope this helps be voice in a lot of noise on the internet with such extreme opinion posts. Just because you binge doesn’t mean your necessarily an alcoholic. There are people who can exist between both places of sobriety and partaking in mind altering substances that still enjoy life. The go hard or go home mentality is seriously dangerous in the long-term both ways. You don’t have to go hard or go home. You can enjoy life on your own terms. Terms that will look very different from others or the status quo. It’s about maintaining your pleasure with as minimal negative output as possible from obtaining said pleasure. Life is going to kill us either way. Alcohol at the end of the day is toxic but so is the air we breath each day. That’s why when consuming more toxins we all need to start being a lot more conscious about why, how much and how often we partake in our own self-inflicted toxicity.
We end today’s post with our style segment where I show you how to get the look for less. I’m nostalgic for Summer despite living on the West Coast in Baja California. It’s cold here man! Here are two looks I loved from last Summer that I haven’t debuted yet on Metal Mouth Style.
It’s Too Hot To Wear Make Up

Style Breakdown:
Straw Hat TJ Street Shop: $1
Linen Jacket Creations Of Lily: $5
Cut Off Shorts TJ Street Shop: $3
Handmade Leather Shoes TJ Flea Market: $3
Total Look Cost: $15

Inner City Grecian Goddess

Style Breakdown:
Dress BCBG TJ Flea Market: $4
Fishnet Scarf Creations Of Lily: $3
Shoes Calvin Klein: $15
Total Look Cost: $22
I will see you here next week where I compare runway looks and trends of 2020 to what’s in my closet at home in Baja California Norte. Head to the links below for my other projects and how to get my personal style advice on Patreon.

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