Styling Sequins & Sneakers

For the longest time I’ve felt that you can only wear your sequins at night. Sequins are seen more as evening wear by most but not all. Yet as a textile they shine much brighter in the day so why must they be designated as evening wear or for special events? Today I wanted to give you a glimpse into one way to wear your sequins out and about in the day while still being casual enough to be comfortable. 
Style Hack: The key to today’s look is pairing my sequin 2 piece with sneakers. I run a lot of errands everyday on foot. By choice because walking is some of the best exercise you can get. I do it was much as possible on the daily. At the same time we must enjoy making that extra effort to look our best and express ourselves through style even in our more casual life moments. One thing I’m not ever willing to do is sacrifice my comfort for a look or my look for comfort.
Outside of movie stars, and teen proms you rarely see women really get dressed up anymore. Athleisure wear seems to be the acceptable terminology to define wearing your sweatpants/yoga pants all day with a full face of make up looking like a Kardashian clone. If I’m not actually doing something athletic (running, yoga, cardio for example) I’m not going to be running around wearing sweatpants in public! If your one of those people please do me a solid and start taking my style advice immediately. It’s a total cop out to wear athletic wear outside of athletic events. Sorry not sorry. It’s time to step up your game.
I pulled my personal sequin style inspiration from some of my favorite classic movie stars. Marilyn, Doris and Jane today.
In order to feel glam yet still be street I put my hair up in pony, added a baseball cap, subtle sneakers, and a mini back pack. For me this dialed it down a enough from a special event to a day look. Yet if I wore my hair down and added heels it could easily go to a night look as well. I’m big on your wardrobe pieces having at least 9 lives. Meaning the things we choose to wear should have long term wearability (I made up that word but I like it!). Nothing in your wardrobe should be going to waste. We all need to be buying smarter to ensure we are actually wearing all of our clothes. Each single piece should have 9 ways you can wear it.
I implore you this week to find something shiny in your closet, pair it with your favorite pair of sneakers and wear it with confidence while you make the day just a little bit brighter.
Style Breakdown:
2 Piece Sequin Set Aliexpress – $10
Baseball Cap Aliexpress – $3
Mini Back Pack Gifted from Synthia’s Boutique Tijuana  – $0
Half Gloves Aliexpress – $2
Sneakers Waldo’s Tijuana – $5
Shades Waldo’s Tijuana – $2
Total Look Cost: $22
Sound off below in the comments with how wearing shiny things makes you feel awesome!

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