How to Style a White Power Suit?

We live in dangerous times for one’s mindset in 2019. Physically we’re at the lowest level of overall violence we have been at in human history (despite what the news would like you to believe). However, mentally there is a full on war of the minds going on. One of the hottest subjects of the moment seems to be race every which way you turn. I’ve never been one to pull the race card. However, I feel it’s important to turn negatives into positives even in the most obscure of ways. With that and with the resurgence of the “white power” movement I decided to bust out my white power suit for this week’s look. Men and Woman alike can all benefit from having their one go to white power suit in their wardrobe arsenal. There is something to be said about a crispy blank white canvas that is truly powerful in all the right ways when done right.

In my case today I’m mixing both black and white to symbolize how beautiful the world of shades are when mixed together. Something all of us need to do take heed of more often and not be afraid to step outside of our racial boxes and cultural zones.
Another interesting fact to note about dressing up in a suit. People take you more seriously! How and what you present is what you get at the end of the day. Humans are visual creatures. We make subconscious snap judgments about people constantly. It’s built into our DNA as a survival instinct to determine threats in the wild. The only thing is our wild is not city streets and not jungles and forests. I notice three things when I wear a power suit. Especially in Tijuana. One of the most chaotic cities places in the world.
1. Drivers are more keen to actually stop their cars at crosswalks and let me cross.
2. Servers are nicer and give better service when I’m at restaurants.
3. I get more compliments from senior citizen women
Style Hack: With that I implore you to get out there and find your perfect fitted white power suite. I want you to dress up more. Metal Mouth Style is all about putting your best foot forward each and every day without having to spend a lot. There is no such thing as days off when it comes to expressing our personal style. Everyday is an opportunity to communicate and contribute something beautiful in this world. Life is too short not to look great each and every day. There is absolutely no excuse anymore no matter where you live or how much money you have not too. If I can source entire looks in the worlds most violent city for under $50 US then you can too. You just have to dig deeper than your typical retail outlets and go vintage and street.
Style Breakdown:
Vintage 2 Piece White Suite Street Shop in Tijuana: $5
Bag Strip Mall Shop in Tijuana – $15
Shoes Stuart Weitzman Street Shop in Tijuana – $4 (Retail Value $300)
Half gloves Aliexpress – $3
Shades Acagi – $5
Total Looks Cost: $37

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