Stay Stylish and Warm : A Guide to 3 Fabulous Winter Outfits ❄️

Get Inspired To Dress Your Best In The Coldest Season of the Year!

In this post I’ll be sharing winter fashion concepts and outfit ideas. This is meant to inspire you to embrace whatever nature brings your way by being properly dressed for the occasion.

The colder seasons give us all an opportunity to showcase our personal style through heavier textiles, bold colors, patterns, and to better understand the art of layering.

As a virtual stylist my role is to show you how to unlock the confidence you need to dress to impress yourself everyday. Let’s unlock the life experience you want to be living aesthetically in any and all seasons.

Sunny and Snowy Scenic Mountain view in Radium, BC

Read on below to see my top three winter getaway outfits modeled deep in the majestic mountains of Radium, British Columbia.

Tables of Contents:

  • A Chic Barbie Inspired Winter Wonderland Outfit
  • Apres Ski Style : Layering Jumpsuits
  • Warms Ways to Wear Dresses in Winter?

I highly encourage you to watch my two part YouTube Series “Winter Wonderlad: Warm Outfit Ideas & Getaways” below. I worked really hard on putting this series together to take you on a truly beautiful winter escape.

From Radium Hot Springs to Thrifting : Join Me In This Fashion Vlog Trip

A Chic Barbie Inspired Winter Wonderland Outfit

Winter is not a time to go to a funeral until spring. What I mean by this is that it’s not time to dress in all black or dark colors contrary to how many people chose to dress for the season.

This Barbie Inspired Winter Outfit is here to save the day from the mundane.

Elegant woman in pink sweater and white fur coat standing on snowy mountain
White Faux Fur Long Jacket: ShopAkira & Lavendar Knitted Long Sleeve Sweater

Invest in a statement coat that is heavy, textured and in a color that will match or mismatch with a lot of the outfits in your wardrobe.

Stylish lady in pink top and luxurious white fur coat on snowy hill.

Equally as important as your winter jacket is your footwear. Clunky winter boots are difficult to style in ways that elevate an outfit.

Instead, opting for a fully lined sleek design in footwear to stay warm and on point would be your fashion key.

Fashionable woman in pink sweater and white fur coat poses on snowy mountain.

I suggest you play and have fun with rhinestone embellished denim in Winter to add some rockstar to your step. Stick to the less is more concept when buying rhinestone denim pants.

Pro Rhinestone Style Tip : It’s best when your embellishments are a subtle addition to the fabric vs going for big bold patterns and designs. Leave that for MLM Moms and the like.

Apres Ski Style : Layering Jumpsuits

Whether you ski, shop or both in the mountains a boysuit/jumpsuit will be a wardrobe staple for you to show off your figure in an elegant way.

Pro Bodysuit Style Tip: Bodysuits fit best on petite frames to accentuate the lean long lines of the body.

Elegant woman in white fur coat on balcony, wearing black bodysuit and winter accessories

As you can see I’ve used this long white jacket as my staple piece of outerwear for this winter getaway to build my entire wardrobe around.

Sophisticated woman in white fur coat on balcony, sporting black bodysuit and winter accessories.

I’ve paired a basic black sleevless bodysuit with a white vegan leather waist cinching belt to dress up this bodysuit.

Stylish lady in white fur coat on balcony, dressed in black bodysuit and winter accessories.

I also used the same white winter boots as my staple footwear item to complete this look for comfort and walkability in snow and ice.

Stylish lady in white fur coat on balcony wearing gold earrings and pearls

Then I paired a white, knit, pearl headband and chunky gold earrings as accessories. This makes the outfit elegant and more dressed up.

Warms Ways to Wear Dresses in Winter?

When the weather drops below zero it doesn’t mean you have to forget about all of your dresses.

Summer dresses are not a good option for winter wardrobe styling but anything long or thicker in textile can still work.

Elegant woman in white fur coat stands gracefully in snow, wearing dark blue vintage gown and white winter jacket.

I’ve incorporated my white vegan leather waist cinching belt again with this navy blue nylon 1980s gown.

This long jacket helps keep me warm from waist down on a sunny day despite me not having thermal tights on underneath.

Pro Style Tip: Wear thermal, lined, fleece tights in winter under your gowns as an elegant way to stay warm in up to -30 temperatures.

Again, my sleek white winter boots and white jacket color block this look to perfection. I also match the mountain landscape tones surrounding me.

Pro Style Tip: Use the nature that surrounds you as your color palette inspirtation.

Woman exudes sophistication in white fur coat, standing in snow with dark blue vintage gown and white winter jacket.

For accessories, I’ve paired my chunky gold earrings, a rhinestone gold chain necklace and white peark knit headband together.

Your Step by Step Style Guide to Warm and Stylish Winter Dressing PT.2
Closing the Closet

I truly hope you take my professional styling advice and lean into bold tones, textiles, and colors when winter is coming your way.

The goal for ladies me like myself is to look hot when it’s still cold outside.

To the point where you will miss the white stuff when it’s gone.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me in the section below. I’m here to help feminie ladies discover and unlock their own unique sense of style.

Woman in a Barbie pink dress smiles at the camera

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