Tijuana’s #1 Dive Bar & A Disco Dress Horror Story

I can officially say I’m over the nightlife in Tijuana. However, I don’t have all bad things to say about it. I want to put some shine on the last standing proper dive bar in Tijuana in today’s post. A diamond in a whole lot of rough. If you must go out in Tijuana at night this is the spot your going to have to visit. Here are a few other things we’ll cover in today’s post below:

1. What is Dandy Del Sur?
2. What not to do in Tijuana
3. Where to find the clothes I wear on Metal Mouth Style

                                                 (Taken Inside Dandy Del Sur Jul.19th.2019)

First comes first. My favorite and the only dive bar worth mentioning in not only Tijuana but all of Baja California Norte. Dandy Del Sur. It’s Anthony Bourdain approved for good reason and was featured on his first tv series “No Reservations”.

Bourdain is what initially drew me to Dandy’s (and to Tijuana to be totally transparent). Then it’s gothic appeal and incredibly friendly bar staff is what kept me coming back for more. The decor has old Mexican movie stars lining it’s walls. A proper jukebox that I don’t think has a bad song on it. It all gels in this place and you feel like you walked into a vortex of nostalgia. Dark, black and red always steals my heart. It is now the only bar I will step foot into in Tijuana. It’s also been one of the longest standing establishments and will outlast all the other gruff and fluff on or off  Avenida Revolucion. Especially after the night I had on Friday after leaving Dandy’s to go to some other popular bars. My lesson is learned. One must never leave Dandy’s. One must start and end at Dandy’s. This bar is all about the company you keep.

(My Own Tradition The Rabbit Mezcal Shot)

(Give me an antique chandelier any-day and you have my heart forever)
Which brings me to my next point.. Where NOT to go in Tijuana. I could just say everywhere but Dandy’s which I will. I’ll also say that the best places to go out in Tijuana are not actually in Tijuana. So where not to go? All the bars outside of Dandy’s are filled with overly drunk teens to 20 year olds puking in bathroom stalls, closed off locals in cliques unwilling to take part in conversation, and DJ’s that have no clue who to mix music to establish a flow if their life depended on it. It’s harsh but it’s true. Tijuana is not a city for nightlife. It’s a city people go to and live in to get FUBAR. Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. 
I had a front row seat to this as rested my 5 inch stiletto heels at a bar whose name I easily forgot post Dandy’s. A man totally out of his mind kept trying to run up and grab me as I was seated not once but three times. The bouncers idly standing by watching as this continued to happen and did nothing. The people I was with where doing their own thing on the dance-floor so most of my night was spent blocking unwanted physical advances by this man and dodging over served teens.

So where do you go in Tijuana for a party if the nightlife is shit? Stick around and I’ll show you as the Summer continues! I have some awesome local day trips planned to really show you the beauty of all things Baja California Norte that doesn’t require you to put up with the lackluster bar scene (Dandy’s not included obviously!).

Lastly, not only do I shop at Creations of Lily I also donate all of my gently used clothing items there. Many items you’ll see me where here go right to them post shooting. Like my disco dress I wore on Friday night. I donated it on Saturday to this boutique. It’s a size Small so if your in the area currently make sure you stop by. The dress may or may not be there (most likely not for long) but your money goes to a great cause by shopping here and your bound to find something cheap and unique.

Style Breakdown:
Dress Agaci – (Retail $50) $10
Faux Fur Shawl TJ Street Shop – $5
Stilettos Heels Gypsy Found Objects Toronto – $25
Glitter Clutch Creations of Lily – $2
Total Look Cost: $47
About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Power Tool Performer!

 I love style and this blog is my way to share my personal style experience with you when I’m not performing my live show in the studio. I have a weekly Podcast The Metal Mindset which goes live every Wednesday at 12pm PST. “This Week In Metal” is my Metal Art Youtube series.

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