The Hangover Patch Meets A Hollywood Hangover

Here we are! I survived my 3 day holiday in Hollywood on a $200 budget. If you want to know why I was on a $200 budget you can see last week’s article here. Today let’s dig into these 4 points of interest around my trip now that I’m back home in Tijuana.

1. Does The Hangover Patch Work?
2. Living the Life in LA for under $200
3. My Top 3 LA Fine Dining Choices
4. My new favorite dive bar in The Valley
(Taken At The Rainbow Room On My Sober Thursday Jul.11th)
Let’s start with the patch.. The hangover patch. Specifically, Bytox and Hangover Plus Patch MD (which was much cheaper than Bytox). Both of which I tried over the course of my 3 day trip. I actually had a new patch on every day (Sometimes changing twice a day). I can officially say that what I had high hopes for ended up being too good to be true. Neither Bytox nor the Hangover Plus Patch MD worked for me. I don’t think they even curbed my actual hangover. After my first night of drinking Wednesday (7:30pm-2am) I woke up at 9am Thursday and was still very much hungover (truth be told a little bit drunk as well). My hangover lasted until around 4pm that day. Pretty much the same as a regular hangover would. 
I think the hack to the hangover patch may be to also drink a huge glass of water before you go to bed that night. I followed the instructions to use the patch one hour before drinking. On Thursday I did not even drink that day/night and put a new patch on just because I was still hungover from Wednesday night. I still have a 60 day patch supply left so we shall see how the rest of the Summer celebrations go by trying the water trick. Since I have so many left I’m not going toss them. I also don’t drink as often as I used to so this trial may take until the end of the year. Stay tuned.
Now digging into my $200 budget I had for this trip. It worked out to be a perfect 50/50 split between food/drinks and transportation. My food/drink tab came out to a total of $70 and my Uber rides came out to $70 for the entire trip. Knowing people at a few bars I used to frequent in LA really helped keep this down to a minimum. Also booking my Air BnB right in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard made Uber trips cheap. This all left me room for a few fine dining experiences I wanted to treat myself to and still staying under budget by $40. Total spend was $140 this trip. I did it!
This brings us to my new top 3 fine dining (Day/Night) choices in LA below:
Musso & Frank’s 6667 Hollywood Blvd
Gwen 6600 Sunset Blvd
Gray Tavern 10964 Ventura Blvd
To round things out on my last day was a very nice surprise. Happy Hour drinks at The Fifth in The Valley. A place I’m rarely in but I had a few hours to kill that afternoon before I went out that night and my buddy recommended it. For such a little hole in the wall the inside is quite clean, well maintained and the seating is great. The Bartender Crishelle is a total sweetheart and does an impeccable job of making sure everyone at that bar feels at home. Go alone or with friends. Enjoy the tales of the regulars or of all the rock stars who have stepped foot inside that place. The stories I enjoyed that day where about how The Fifth used to be Scott Weiland’s local hang when he was off tour as he lived near by.
The Fifth 4821 Whitsett Ave, Valley Village
We end today’s post with my outfit I wore on my last night in LA last Friday. This total look top to bottom & accessories was all sourced in Tijuana at my favorite vintage shops and local boutiques. The only way to get the lifestyle and the look for less is to be smart about where you spend your money. Whether your rich or poor we should all live well within our means and not spend more unless we have too. Luckily as long as you have impeccable personal style (this applies to how you look and how you act) you can live a happy lifestyle for less while still putting your best foot forward.
(The Hangover Patch Makes a Cameo On My Wrist)
Style Breakdown:
Morgan De Toi France Dress Creations of Lily : $5 (Retail $110)
Bag Coppel : $10
Gold Bamboo Watch Creations of Lily: $5
Studded Gold Ring TJ Flea Market: $5
Total Look Cost: $30
About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Fashion Model and Style Blogger

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